Note the ‘Made In Abyss’ RPG’s new screens, notebook and clock creatures

Made In Abyss Protag
Image: Spike Chunsoft

What do you need when you go cave diving? A notebook? We’re not sure about that! But the upcoming Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness wants you to take one with you.

Well, not in real life, but there is a key mechanic in the action RPG, and it’s not really for Abyss diving. It’s for recording details about the people you meet, the creatures you encounter, and the relics you uncover.

And those creatures are quite dangerous! Known as ‘primordial creatures’, these must be observed through a monocular to gain information about them. But this limits your vision, so you have to get close to the creature without being detected.

As you make your way through the Abyss, you will also come across facilities that have been built. You might meet the highest rank, White Whistle, down there. Or maybe find Seeker Camp, or the front line base. You can also pick up quests while going down.

Publisher Spike Chunsoft has also shown off a bunch of new screenshots for the game detailing all of these little tidbits. A primeval creature is called a corpse weeper, which is quite terrifying to a bird.

If you’re eager to become a Cave Raider, you have just under a month to wait! Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness launches on Switch on September 2nd.

Will you brave the Abyss to find some primal creatures? How do you find season 2 of the series? Let us know!

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