Northampton County community on edge after stray dogs attack woman, kill pets near Willow Drive

NORTH CATASAUQUA BOROUGH, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Police in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, have issued a warning about dangerous dogs whose attacks sent a woman to the hospital and killed a pet.

North Catasauqua police say the problems with the dogs, who live on Willow Drive, started on Sept. 9 when the dogs got out and attacked a 70-year-old woman and then killed a neighbor’s pet.

Neighbors say the roaming pit bulls have been a known problem on their block for years.

“We used to have my daughter’s dog and they attacked him one time but he fought them off. He was a bigger dog,” said John Remington, a neighbor. “I would be afraid of anyone, any small animal, any child.”

Police say that after the Sept. 9 attacks, they captured the dogs and placed them in the borough’s kennel over the weekend. But days later, they received instructions from the warden to return the pets.

“If it was a human that attacked someone and hurt them that badly, they would be in jail, but the dog is just being returned home to potentially escape again,” Chief Chris Wolfer said.

On September 24th, Chief Wolfer says the dogs came out again and attacked several people and pets.

“It’s just not fair that these dogs have to stay in the community,” he said. “Everybody up there lives in fear. There are people up there walking their dogs with guns. It’s just not a safe environment for anybody.”

The police department issued the owners about 15 citations, including housing dangerous dogs and animal cruelty. At this point, however, the officers cannot take the dogs away until a court hearing takes place.

“I’m scared to death. Every morning I go out, I have to look around,” one woman said at a city council meeting Monday night.

The owners were also present. They apologized and said they plan to keep the dogs inside.

“I’m really sorry, but I’m really trying. And I’m afraid my family is going to die while I’m out trying to fix the situation,” the owner said.

A court hearing is scheduled for October 24. Action News has reached out to the owners for further comment, but we have not heard back.

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