Ninja wanted to add $ 500K to smash the EVO 2019 prize pool, but was apparently “ghosted” by Nintendo

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That Super Smash Bros. the competition scene has a huge fan base, but Nintendo’s relationship with this part of society and fighting games tournaments have generally not always been the best. Now this bumpy story is added a new story this time from the famous Twitch Streamer and Fortnite player Ninja.

In 2018, Ninja posted a tweet about how he “made” something for the fights and the Smash Bros. community. He revealed what exactly happened behind the scenes during a recent poker stream, hosted by streamer and YouTuber Ludwig.

Ninja’s plan was to throw an extra $ 500,000 money into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate prize pool at EVO 2019 to show its support for the game’s competition scene, but Nintendo “ghosted” him apparently, and that was it. Here’s exactly what he had to say along with a video (via EventHubs):

Ninja: “It was on Nintendo and not me … That’s 100% absolutely the case. All I wanted to do was create a massive tournament and juice Evo as $ 500,000, but I wanted Nintendo’s permission and they joked us only. “

Remember, this is only Ninja’s side of the story. Having said this, it would not be so surprising if Nintendo decided to pass this on given the way the company operates, as well as its history with the Smash competition scene. Most recently, Nintendo ended up partnering with Panda Global for an official Super Smash Bros. tournament.

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