NFL player Emmanuel Ogbah shares racist message he received after Sunday’s loss | News

Miami Dolphins defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah received a racist message on Instagram after his team’s loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday (October 17) in London.

Ogbah said he typically ignores the offensive and negative comments and messages he receives, but an Instagram user referred to him with the N-word.

According to Knewza man named Nick Mongeau used the racial slander against Ogbah, who resubmitted it in a tweet that has since been deleted. After the announcement was made by the NFL star, Mongeau’s employer, the University of Rhode Island, issued a statement condemning the heinous act of racism.

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“The university learned today about an offensive, unacceptable and racist comment that was sent to social media earlier today, allegedly by one of our students. This language is abominable and has no place in a society that is deeply committed to anti-racism, “the university said in a statement.

It added: “Given the importance of this issue, the University has taken immediate action and referred the matter to the University’s student behavior process for review.”

While Mongeau’s identity was not revealed by the URI, the internet allegedly tracked him down and he subsequently deleted his IG account.

Ogbah finished with three tackles, a sack and a pass break in the 20-23 loss to the Jaguars. The 27-year-old is in the middle of his second season with the Dolphins.

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