NFL Draft Round 2: Houston Texans pick Jalen Pitre credits Stafford for making him the man he is today

STAFFORD, Texas (KTRK) – Editor’s note: This story was published on the afternoon of April 29, hours before the Houston Texans made Jalen Pitre the 37th choice in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Jalen Peter’s journey to the NFL Draft is deeply rooted in the City of Stafford.

“I’ve been to Stafford all my life,” Pitre said.

From Stafford Cobra’s youth soccer team to middle and high school, Pitre always lives with Spartan Pride.

“I’m extremely proud because all the people I’ve met, all the people in Stafford who have flowed into me, they’ve all had an impact on me. They’s definitely the reason I’m in a position, as I am right now, “he said.

After high school, Pitre took his talents to Baylor, where he was loved by Bears fans as the one who held on. “I was the only one who stayed in the recruiting class in 2017.”

After Art Briles was fired for his handling of sexual assault cases, some with football players, Pitre told ABC13 sports producer Joe Gleason that he wanted to prove who he is and that he stands by his word.

“I wanted to show people that I’m a loyal guy and I want to stick to my word, so that’s what went into it, and it ended up working well for me,” he said.

New head coach Dave Aranda eventually came in and moved Jalen around so he could thrive in several different positions.

“I’m a football player, so I’m not really boxed into one position right now. I’m a defensive player, so I play primarily nickel and safety, but I’ve played linebacker, and in some formations I was responsible for playing. Defensive “I take pride in being able to wear a lot of different hats,” Pitre said.

Off the track, he earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing and real estate and a master’s degree in educational psychology. But high grade is at his core.

“It’s the most important thing when you’re a great person who falls into whatever you do. If you’re a great person, you can be a great football player, teacher, dad and a great person in general,” he said.

Now he is waiting for his name to be called, never forgetting his roots.

“That’s who I am. Stafford is Jalen Pitre.”

And whoever chooses him will get a great player but an even better person.

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