New virus named after Purdue President Mitch Daniels

WEST LAFAYETTE – While some university presidents have a building or street named after them, Purdue University president Mitch Daniels has his own unique honor.

Mycobacteriophages, also known as “bacteriophages” or “phages”, are viruses that destroy bacterial cells by infecting them and reproducing inside them. They can help treat bacterial infections in people who have become resistant to antibiotics

Students at Purdue discovered a new bacteriophage and gave it the name DaddyDaniels “in honor of President Daniels. It also pays tribute to Daddy Warbucks from” Annie. “

The subject, known as the DaddyDaniels subject, was found in a raised mud bed outside an off-campus apartment building.

After discovery, students isolate, study, and catalog the bacteriophages, including mapping their genetic code.

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