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NEW Three SIM-only deal boasts 30GB of data for just £ 8 a month

POPULAR mobile provider Three has lowered the price of a generous SIM-only subscription.

For just £ 8 a month Three gives you 30GB of data to play with – plenty to stream.

Get 30GB of data for just £ 8 a month


Get 30GB of data for just £ 8 a monthCredit: Getty

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Data-hungry phone users are always on the lookout for new deals, and Three has come through with an impressive discount.

You would be hard pressed to find so much data at this low price elsewhere, but you can also always check our selection for the best SIM-only deals.

Normally, 30GB of data would set you back £ 15 a month, but Three has cut that price down by almost half.

Back in April, we reported that Three brought their 30GB plan down to £ 9 per liter. month.

Now, Three has surpassed itself, offering 30GB of data for £ 8 a month.

That’s about the price of two great coffees from your favorite barista – for almost 60 hours of streaming.

This happens when the company announced that it will turn off its 3G to focus on improving 4G and the super fast 5G.

While this is not before 2024, it shows that Three is looking ahead and offering great deals now.

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