New Poundland convenience store for East London

The new store opens on Saturday 1 October.

It is the latest Poundland Local store in a pilot project designed to bring convenience shopping to neighborhoods not currently served by Poundland. It will employ around 25 full-time and part-time employees.

At 2,250 sq ft, it is smaller than a typical Poundland store and has been designed to offer a carefully tailored range of products to customers who live or work in the area, whether commuting, on a lunch break or doing a top-up shop, making a regular purchase or buying essential items at the last minute.

Opening hours will be longer than a typical Poundland.

The new store will offer everyday items from Poundland’s core range, including groceries, snacks, drinks, household products, health and beauty and batteries.

Customers will also find items they would expect in a convenience store, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, breads and breakfast items, hot pies and pastries, beer, wine and spirits, and vaping products.

It will also be one of a growing number of Poundland stores – expected to reach around 350 by the autumn – to offer chilled and frozen food.

Poundland director of retail Darren Kay said: “The store has been designed to offer customers everything they would expect in a nearby convenience store and at Poundland’s fantastic value, which is more important than ever when household budgets are under so much pressure.”

The Poundland Local process started in May 2021 and the latest to open in London was Clapham Junction on 1 July.

London is seen as an important target area as Poundland looks for other suitable locations for local format stores.

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