New Hampshire yacht fire: 3 people and 2 dogs rescued after jumping from a burning vessel


A fire of unknown origin left a 70-foot yacht submerged in the water off Kittery, Maine, Saturday, police said.

Three passengers – 67-year-old Arthur Watson, 57-year-old Diane Watson and 33-year-old Jarrod Tubbs – as well as two family dogs jumped overboard as the boat was engulfed in flames, New Hampshire State Police said in a release.

The yacht Elusive was on its way to Wentworth Marina when a passenger took stock of black smoke billowing from the ship’s lower deck, according to the announcement. Within minutes, the boat was shrouded in smoke, passengers told police.

The three people were rescued by nearby boats that took them ashore. They were transported to Portsmouth Hospital, treated and released, according to police.

Police received reports of a boat fire on the Piscataqua River near New Castle just after noon.

Still, law enforcement was unable to rescue the boat, and within two hours of the first call, the yacht had drifted over the state line with the outgoing tide and was submerged, the statement said.

New Hampshire police asked any witnesses or others with information related to this incident to contact them.

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