New five guys in Ventura Park are taking shape

The newest Five Guys burger restaurant in the West Midlands is starting to take shape. Large signs have appeared on the front of the unit in Ventura Park, Tamworth, by what was formerly a division of Costa Coffee.

Although no opening date has been announced, signage at the new eatery says the company is ‘now hiring’. We reported earlier this month that work had begun on site.

New signs say ‘Five guys coming soon’, while the chain’s food is ‘fresher than fresh’ and there is ‘not a freezer in the collection’. It adds “We’re coming to Tamworth, now hiring,” while directing people to the Five Guys career site.

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A search on this site shows only one job currently advertised for the Tamworth store, a permanent role for an assistant manager. The job description offers a salary rate starting at £ 28,750 a year and says: “Here you will do much more than just help. You * do *. As an Assistant Manager you will be responsible for helping create an environment in a restaurant where our customers are doing better than they did when they arrived – and that requires real talent. “

On its website, Five Guys says its burgers, dogs and sandwiches come with “as many of our 15 free toppings as you want. That means you have more than 250,000 possible combinations to choose from. If you had one a day , it would take you 684 years to try them all! Milkshake mix-ins also give you 1000 possible combinations, while the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in each restaurant give you over 125 possible drink combinations. “

Five Guys Ventura Park Assistant Manager job

The full description of the assistant manager’s role at the new restaurant says: “The right place. The right time. right things . A career at Five Guys can help you discover what you’re really made of. We are the burger restaurant with the uncomplicated formula: burgers and french fries cooked to perfection without frozen ingredients. And we have stuck to the same ‘perfect and serve’ philosophy since our family business started in 1986.

“These days we’re still as much a family as we always have been. We take care of each other. We have fun. We have lots of integrity. We’re enthusiastic. We’re competitive. And we just understand it done – regardless of the challenge. It’s called having the right things – and if you’ve got it too, you can join us as an Assistant Manager.

“Here you will do much more than just assist. You will * do * it. As an assistant manager, you will be responsible for helping create an environment in a restaurant where our customers do better than they did when they arrived – and it requires real talent.

“It’s also about focusing as much on our crew as our customers, and you will take the lead, help without asking, constantly chase extra responsibilities and coaches, support and manage your team to deliver ever-better performance.

“Simply put, being an Assistant Manager means running a restaurant, not just a shift. And if you can put in the effort and be the role model we’re looking for, you will not be a million miles away from your next step along Five Guys. career path, which would be as deputy director.

Before you apply, we must be honest: it’s just as hard as it is rewarding to be an Assistant Manager at Five Guys – and that’s why we offer the right rewards:

  • You start with a salary of between £ 26,500 to £ 31,000 depending on where you are
  • A great secret shopper bonus – for doing all the right things
  • Plus a performance-based bonus that is guaranteed to make you smile
  • 28 days paid holiday
  • Free meals when you are at work
  • A uniform to be proud of

“Do you think you have the right things? So let’s see!” You can apply for the role of assistant manager here.

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