Netflix’s “12 ep” K-drama is becoming a trend that is causing burdens on the industry

Article: “A 16-ep drama? Can’t watch it anymore because I’m bored,” Another thing Netflix changed

Source: Herald Economics

Netflix changes display patterns, causing burdens on the Korean entertainment industry.

The proverb, “a drama must be 16 episodes” belongs to the past. It has now become a trend to end a drama within 12 episodes without repeating meaningless scenes or stretching a sloppy plot.

The change in viewer patterns that began with Netflix is ​​even changing the K-drama television production industry and causing burdens for broadcasters. This is because there are several barriers, such as contract terms on CFs and an increase in the number of dramas to be produced annually.

Latest popular K-dramas’Business proposal‘,’Thirty-nine‘,’Through the darkness‘all have one thing in common, they are all 12-episode dramas and have gained popularity due to their rapid development and high sense of immersion, resulting in high ratings.

Viewers’ reactions to “shorter dramas“is also positive, as exaggerated flashback scenes and PPL cuts that are not related to the drama plot have been mentioned as factors that disrupt the show. But due to the short nature of dramas of 12 and 8 episodes, this problem is minimized. , therefore, viewers are able to enjoy the compact and rapid development.

Netflix, which was pioneering and popularizing this trend, however, is causing heavy burdens on broadcasters, which now have to produce more dramas, leading to higher production costs. Due to the shortened display times, ‘PPL’ exposure and time are also limited, causing further pressure on production costs.

  1. [+4,949, -29] If it’s fun, I’ll watch 50 episodes. If not, I will not even see 6 ..
  2. [+1,258, -77] Honestly, 12 episodes is too short. You can’t really get any meaningful depth out of the plot, and everything feels rushed. This may work for rom-coms, but not for other genres.
  3. [+858, -365] 12 sections are too short. It must be at least 16 episodes to really enjoy the drama. Previously, miniseries had 16 episodes, weekend dramas were 50 episodes, and if they were popular, they were expanded to 100 episodes, and daily dramas had hundreds of episodes, but as the world changes, so does the drama trilogy. But even if it was a 100 ep drama, if it was entertaining and fun, I would watch it all. It just feels like people are getting too short-hearted and impatient to sit through a long drama these days.
  4. [+411, -8] Cho Dae-young’s drama of 50 episodes was really funny though ..
  5. [+121, -1] If they do well, I would watch all 30 episodes and not just 16.
  6. [+98, -0] It’s not that 16 eps is too long to get bored, it’s the fact that they stretch the plot out to 16 episodes so it’s getting harder to watch. If it is produced well until the end, I would see it, even if it is a long drama.
  7. [+84, -1] Do it right! It’s not because it’s too long, but because the content is the same and the plot is overstretched so it gets boring and people stop with the drama. Just make one or two really good, funny dramas and it will be fine. The problem is that the industry has been stagnant with the same repetitive plot lines for over a decade.
  8. [+77, -2] But the last week of ‘Business Proposal’ was really boring. Everything was just weak and vague, and because they had to pack things up quickly, I lost focus in the last two episodes.
  9. [+72, -1] But honestly, there are times when I get upset when a funny 16-episode drama ends. I really thought the 12 ep trend in dramas was due to writers lacking good content plots, but it seems like this is a strategic decision to follow trends? But I guess this is at least better than just stretching plots out to add 1 or 2 more episodes just because the drama became popular.
  10. [+70, -2] But 129 episodes, and each episode was interesting. 54 episodes, and each episode was fun too.
  11. [+56, -1] I honestly do not watch dramas or varieties anymore because there is nothing to see. The whole thing is boring shit at a low level. It’s either chodings or gossip! What a kiss! or stories about everyone’s everyday life. Why not make some historical dramas? Today, entertainment is just a competition where they all try to encourage each other whose content is inferior.
  12. [+44, -0] 52 episodes of KBS weekend drama … starring memory loss, recovery, work and more memory loss ㅋㅋ? Even elementary chodings would not write such stupid plots ..

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