Netflix is ​​rumored to be filming in Birmingham when TV teams were seen in the city center

Netflix is ​​reportedly filming a Christmas movie in Birmingham – even though it’s all very quiet. The rumor comes after a TV crew was spotted near Colmore Row this week.

Clive Reeves, owner of Reeves PR, shared a photo of the crew in the city center on Wednesday. It shows two film cameras and allegedly actors involved in the filming.

A dog can also be seen in the picture. Clive, owner of Reeves PR, tweeted: “Placing a Christmas movie outside the @ ReevesMedia office in Colmore this morning. Do not recognize the actor or the dog!”

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Emma Rowley, who commented during Clive’s post, added: “It’s for the new Nativity movie, I think.” The TV team – including the dog – was also seen in Brindleyplace on Thursday.

Rachelle Tuft, who walked past the herd, said the dog was “adorable”. Birmingham has become a hotbed of major productions over the past 12 months.

Last year, the city welcomed Amazon and ITV, who filmed ‘Citadel’ and ‘DI Ray’ respectively. Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise was also in town for several days to record the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7.

The actor was seen over several days, including in Grand Central while on the set. He also enjoyed a curry with Asha during his stay.

Film Birmingham, the Birmingham City Council’s media office, remained tight in terms of the crew seen this week. A spokesman said: “I can not reveal details of the production I am afraid of at the moment.

“Film Birmingham facilitated the production. We look forward to shouting about it when it is announced.”

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