Nancy Pelosi and Democratic lawmakers say the United States will support Ukraine

After a secret visit to Kiev and a three-hour meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Nancy Pelosi on Sunday promised broad economic, military and humanitarian support to the Ukrainian government, saying the United States would stand with its ally until Russia was defeated.

Mrs Pelosi’s comments – which led a small delegation of Democratic lawmakers to Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, on Saturday – draw parallels to the US revolution – reflected the remarkable development of US policy towards Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression as the war shows signs. to turn into a protracted conflict.

“America stands with Ukraine until victory is won,” Mrs Pelosi said at a news conference in Rzeszow, Poland, on Sunday, using a phrase that the other lawmakers in the delegation repeated.

The House of Representatives insisted that the United States would not be deterred by threats from the Kremlin – “Do not be bullied by thugs,” Ms. Pelosi said – as the Biden administration increasingly ignores fears expressed by some early in the war that too much US aid to Ukraine risked a direct conflict with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin.

Her visit came just a week after Foreign Minister Antony J. Blinken and Defense Minister Lloyd J. Austin III visited Kiev, after which Mr Austin said the United States wanted to see the Russian military not only defeated in Ukraine but weakened to such an extent that it no longer posed a threat to its neighbors.

On Thursday, President Biden called on Congress to provide $ 33 billion in additional military and economic assistance to Ukraine, a significant escalation of US support.

Ms. Pelosi and the congressional leaders who traveled with her signaled their support for the White House proposal and more.

New York Representative Gregory W. Meeks, chairman of the State Department, said the United States would work with allies to refine and expand sanctions to put more pressure on Moscow.

“Nothing will fall,” he said, “everything will rise.”

California Rep. Adam B. Schiff, chairman of the Intelligence Committee, said he was “honored by what the Ukrainians have been able to achieve” by beating Russia’s attempt to retake Kiev and denying Moscow’s better-equipped forces an easy victory. .

Representative Jim McGovern of Massachusetts said that Russia was waging war not only against the people of Ukraine, but against the most vulnerable in the world. Ukraine is considered Europe’s breadbasket, and the war, he said, “exacerbated world hunger.”

“I do not think Putin cares whether he is starving Ukraine or the world,” he said. “Putin’s war is evil.”

Ms. Pelosi seemed moved by his meeting with Ukraine’s president in wartime, saying Mr Zelensky was “dazzling”. She described their three-hour meeting as “a remarkable masterclass in management.”

She said she began her meeting with Mr. Zelensky in quoting Thomas Paine, the American revolutionary. “Times have found us,” he wrote in 1776. “We think the time is now for Ukraine,” she said. This fight, she added, will help preserve democracy around the world.

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