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MSNBC’s Joy Reid and all the proponents of Critical Race Theory owe our children an apology

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Critical race theory and its followers have dominated American society for more than four years. From companies to classrooms, it’s everywhere, and yet the same proponents shout ‘racism’ when people like me have serious concerns about its impact on not only our nation, but our nation’s future: our children.

CRT acts as more than a simple syllabus and has resulted in unfair treatment of underserved children; brainwashing them into believing in things like poor academic performance and mediocrity is sufficiently based on their ethnicity and socioeconomic status. Basically, CRT harms our nation’s youth by promoting segregation, degrading academic ability, and denying the American dream.


Empty classroom in the primary school.

Empty classroom in the primary school.
(Education Images / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

I myself have seen the results of CRT on some of our nation’s most vulnerable youth in my organization, the Jack Brewer Foundation. My children – often from broken homes without fathers – are often told in school that their Ks are “good” because of their socioeconomic status and their race. These schools do not address the shortcomings of mathematics or problems with reading – where some of these children are at a reading level that is three to four classes behind – and yet they are pushed through the school system. There is no extra programming or specialized training to try to solve their learning difficulties at all.

No child, regardless of race, should receive a D or F on a report card and have a teacher insist that they have made satisfactory progress due to demographics. However, these are the remnants of critical race theory, where your expected suitability is based solely on your skin color.

Given the reality my children face, you would expect the Jack Brewer Foundation’s mission to not only be uncontroversial, but championed by Americans across the political spectrum and across the country. In fact, it was not until early April that we were invited by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to come down to sign a bill to help resolve the paternity crisis plaguing our nation. Two weeks later, Governor DeSantis once again invited us to sign another bill designed to combat CRT in our country’s schools.

Although separate issues, these bills were designed to protect families and ensure that our country’s children were able to achieve whatever their dreams may be. When the governor signed the bill, he was flanked by my children, who were the ultimate benefactors of such legislation.

But unfortunately, widespread support was not the case with Joy Reid. If you’re not familiar with Joy Reid, she’s a political anchor on MSNBC who undertook to tweet that “The [misuse] of black boys is tantamount to child abuse. I really want to hear the background story of who these kids were and how they ended up at a DeSantis event. Given how anti-black DeSantis is, it’s extra sick to use black children this way. “When we saw the tweet, we immediately assured our children of their own safety and privacy as calls to locate them grew among the media, and our attention turned to Joy Reid To be present when Governor DeSantis signed these bills meant a lot to our children, and now they are forced to think of their governor – the same governor who stood next to them – as some racist, anti-black person after Joy Reid’s disgusting comments.

Joy Reid talks about “abuse of black boys” and “anti-blackness”, but does not seem to have the same energy when young black boys are abused and degraded in the school system based on CRT – a theory that has her ringing endorsement . For her to sit there and accuse both me and the hard-working people working at the Jack Brewer Foundation of “child abuse” for children who volunteered to attend an event with the governor of their state is inconceivable.

However, I can not say that I am surprised by her actions. CRT is so disgusting that positive things like supporting two-parent households or teaching our children that their skin color does not determine their future are rejected. Instead of teaching our nation’s youth that skin color should not determine how they are seen, the CRT asks that we teach our black children that they are victims and tell our white children that they are oppressors. Outside the classroom, we see the same thing in companies, our country’s military, and even banks. For example, vigilant banks now close accounts and refuse to serve entire industries that they consider not vigilant enough. Companies like the GEO Group and even the oil gas industry are suffering because the waking agenda of the left knows no bounds.


The waking ideology of the left must be stopped. What began in universities has infected every facet of American life and continues to hit our future – our children – and if we do not fight back, we will lose our country. I want to hold Joy Reid accountable and she can soon expect a lawsuit to endanger my children. But in the end, this is an apology that needs to be made. I do not want any money from MSNBC or Joy Reid, but rather closure for my children given this whole situation.


We must return to the foundation of our nation, the Bible, which teaches us to love God with all our heart and to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Only then will we fulfill our country’s promise of “one nation, under God, indivisible with freedom and justice for all.”


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