Mountain sports lead to heat exhaustion in summer

A mountaineering expert stated that the high summer temperatures do not prevent mountain sports enthusiasts from going out walking or running on the mountain trails without being aware that they may be exposed to severe heat exhaustion that requires immediate hospitalization. According to the National Search and Rescue Center, three medical evacuations have been carried out in the mountains of the eastern region since the beginning of this year, due to heat exhaustion.

State and medical agencies in the eastern region intensify awareness-raising campaigns to warn road and terrain enthusiasts and mountaineers of the dangers of practicing this sport in the face of high temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius during the day, increasing their chances for fatigue and loss of consciousness that can kill their lives. .

And one of the mountaineering enthusiasts, Muhammad Al-Ketbi, stated that mountain athletes should reduce their activity during the summer due to the high temperatures and increased humidity that cause difficulty breathing.

He stressed the need for mountain sports enthusiasts to follow some measures to ensure their safety, such as drinking adequate amounts of water, observing the hottest times during the day, in addition to going out with companions and carrying cards to guide them when phone batteries run dry.

He stressed that telephone coverage is usually weak in these areas, and whether the trip is on foot or by vehicle, it is necessary to bring a printed copy of the map showing mountain trails and the nature of the roads, because the map helps determine the location and main directions in case the GPS battery runs out, or a smartphone.

Dr. Maryam Al Hammadi, for her part, said that practicing mountain sports in the summer can carry more risks, especially when the weather is humid and hot, the evaporation process becomes difficult, in addition to hot air not helping to cool the dilated blood vessels, which increases the risk of dehydration or stroke Sun and heat exhaustion.

In addition, the National Center for Search and Rescue stated that a rescue and medical evacuation of a wounded (Lebanese) climber in Wadi Al-Helou was carried out in February last year after Kalba police station received a report that there was a wounded person. who sustained a leg injury after falling from a mountainous area in the Sweet Valley.

He added that in coordination with Dibba Al-Fujairah police, he carried out a rescue and medical evacuation mission for a 28-year-old woman (Saudi Arabian) in a mountainous area of ​​Dibba Al-Fujairah in March last year after Dibba. The Al-Fujairah Police Operations Room received a report that a girl was suffering from severe fatigue while climbing the mountains.

He pointed out that in coordination with Al-Tuwaiyin’s extensive police station and civil defense, Al-Tuwaiyin Branch, he carried out a rescue and medical evacuation mission for an elderly citizen (88 years old) in the Dibba Mountains, last Tuesday, after he during in the afternoon and on arrival was subjected to severe fatigue and fatigue at the region’s highest mountain peak, he received first aid and the necessary treatment, and his state of health stabilized.

Dehydration and heat exhaustion

Doctor Maryam Al Hammadi confirmed that athletes in the summer should drink plenty of water during exercise, not exercise at the hottest times of the day, wear light clothing and stop exercising as soon as signs and symptoms of dehydration and heat exhaustion appear, and move to a shady place to rest. .

Al Hammadi stated that in case of a person suffering from heat exhaustion, his companions should call an ambulance and try to cool him with available methods, such as moving him to a shady and cool place, cover him with wet blankets and give him water to drink.

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