Mother jailed for causing death of little daughter in London apartment | British news

A mother has been jailed for causing the death of her 11-month-old daughter while holding her in miserable conditions “surrounded by walls covered in feces”, according to police.

Nafahat Jamal died of a breast infection after weeks of neglect at the hands of Fartun Jamal in her apartment in Brent Park, London.

The 25-year-old conducted a series of internet searches, including “I can no longer handle my child” and “I want to give up my child” in early 2019, jurors were told during a trial at Harrow Crown Court.

She knew Nafahat was unwell with a “very high temperature” and had a bad appetite, but failed to take her to the doctor, the court heard.

Visitors in the weeks leading up to the baby’s death remembered that her crib had broken and the apartment on Kingfisher Way was full of takeaway boxes, dirty plates and diapers.

On February 22, social services attended the property after a babysitter raised concerns.

But they warned Jamal prior to their visit, and when they arrived, they found out that the apartment was clean and the situation had improved.

Another visit to the social services, without prior notice, was scheduled for March 13, the day of Nafahat’s death.

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When paramedics were called to the property by a neighbor at. 12.24, Jamal told them that she had found her daughter’s body after having a dream that the baby had stopped breathing.

Jamal was charged with one count of causing Nafahat’s death by neglect, two cases of child abuse in relation to his daughter and a third case of child abuse in relation to another child.

Last month, a jury found her guilty in all four counts after pondering for nearly nine hours.

Jamal was jailed for five years and six months at Harrow Crown Court on Friday, Scotland Yard said.

DCI Madeline Ryder, Met’s lead investigating officer, said Jamal went out and partyed a few days before Nafahat’s death and “had clearly put her social life above what her baby’s basic needs have”.

He added: “This is an absolutely tragic case that resulted in the unnecessary death of an innocent baby.

“She died of an illness that was very treatable if Jamal had bothered to seek medical attention.

“What’s even more shocking is that her doctor’s surgery was less than 70 meters away from the place where she died and could be seen from Nafahat’s bedroom window, so help was within easy reach.”

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