Morant makes Wolves pay for many mistakes with the winner of the last second game

MEMPHIS – After Ja Morant’s winning layup fell through with a second left in the Timberwolves’ 111-109 game 5 loss, soft coach Chris Finch did not put his team’s loss on its defense on that game.

He did not take issue with the Wolves’ inconsistent late execution on an attacking pitch, leading to yet another Memphis comeback victory in this series despite a 13-point Wolves lead in the fourth quarter.

“Honestly, it had nothing to do with it,” Finch said. “They had like, I do not know how many offensive rebounds in the fourth?”

The media in front of Finch told him that Brandon Clarke had seven offensive rebounds for the Grizzlies – in the fourth quarter.

“Clarke had seven alone?” said Finch. “It’s been played. They had 18 [offensive rebounds] to the game. They had 12 second chance points in the fourth quarter. Thats it. That’s the game. “

Once again, the Wolves were left to pick up the pieces from a game they led most of the night, of a game they should have won, and a game they have no one but themselves to blame for losing. They are now behind after the best-of-seven first-round Western Conference playoff series three games to two.

Sloppy play permeated the night. The Grizzlies and Wolves combined for 39 turnovers, with the Wolves committing 23. Memphis shot 67% from the free-throw line and 25% from the three-point range.

Match 5 would not be won by the team that did the most to win it, but by the team that did the least to lose it. The wolves made Memphis beat there.

“Their players were talking, ‘Oh, they’re folding, they’re folding,'” Memphis guard Desmond Bane told reporters. “I knew that was not the case.”

The Wolves led by 13 with 9:38 to play after Karl-Anthony Towns hit a three-pointer and then shot the crowd with a finger to the mouth.

They could never completely open up to Memphis. As he went to the podium after the match, Towns, who had 28 points and 12 rebounds, uttered two deep sighs.

“It’s disappointing. We’re so close, yet so far,” Towns said. “We just have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off on this flight, talk about what we’re going to talk about, stay together and get ready for [Game 6] Friday.”

Memphis ran to get within one before Morant put them ahead for the first time since the first quarter, 107-106 with 1:03 left. Memphis led before Anthony Edwards (22 points) equalized the game with a corner three with 3.7 seconds left.

On Memphis’ last possession, Edwards played to try and steal the incoming pass to Morant, who then shot over Jarred Vanderbilt for the win.

“I had already decided I would try to steal it. Stupid mistake,” Edwards said. “It’s over, though. Can’t do anything about it.”

Morant overcame a slow start and got 30 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists. It was his activity getting into the paint that changed the Wolves’ defense and allowed Clarke to dominate the glass on the way to 21 points, 15 rebounds, nine of which came in the offensive end.

“You can not throw him out and try to jump back because he wants to jump, press it,” Edwards said. “Just had to throw him out. He was just a freak today, man. I do not know. He was a freak today.”

Added Finch: “Our little ones [guards] had to get back in there and they had to strike. They had to squeeze him and put their bodies on him down there. “

The Wolves did not serve themselves with their late execution, especially when D’Angelo Russell tried to give the Wolves a lead with a controversial shot in midfield, and they turned the ball over on their previous possession, with Towns saying the ball actually went from the foot of Lane (25 points).

“Everything needs to be improved,” Towns said. “Everything has to get better from all of us. It’s going to be a team effort.”

It’s a sad golden edge for the Wolves that they at least have experience of coming back from crushing defeats of their own production when they just did it to win Game 4 after wasting Game 3.

“Everyone knows we’m facing an elimination match on Friday, so I do not think anyone is down,” Edwards said. “I think everyone’s just disappointed that we lost today. But I’m looking forward to Friday because all the pressure is on. … It’s time to show up. I think everyone is clear.”

They will have to draw on that positivity again, whatever they may have left of it.

“It’s going to be a whole new game,” Edwards said. “Maybe we can get a lead and be able to keep it. You know? It’s probably fun, but hopefully we can get a lead and keep it.”

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