Moon Knight Episode 5 Review: Asylum

Consequently, “Asylum” felt like a long, cool glass of water after four weeks of stumbling through the desert. Getting to know Marc was like balancing my own judgment Moon Knights itself.

I can imagine that swinging between Marc’s therapy session, his buried memories, and his ongoing struggle to save his soul might have been a wild ride for some viewers, but every moment we spent filling out Marc’s background story earned a little more. of my investment in seeing him and Steven manage through their visually stunning journey with the Taweret. Right now I feel hydrated. Moistened. Happy. On my way. Focused. Flowering. Admittedly, it’s a weird way to talk about witnessing a man’s past trauma, but that’s what it is. Let’s just say there is no time to unpack it and move on.

Marc’s trauma in this series has been changed from the Marvel Comics version. In the books, it was his father who died, and his father’s funeral he ran away from. His father’s friend, a serial killer and Nazi deserter who had adopted the identity of a long-lost rabbi, was much more the catalyst for Marc’s trauma, but it’s a little too heavy to get into here.

Probably due to timeline issues, the cause of Marc’s trauma now stems from a tragic accident involving his younger brother and his mother’s subsequent collapse. She blamed Marc for his death and punished him with emotional and physical abuse, and he created Steven as a way to cope with his troubled childhood. I found these memories deeply profound, and I also felt that they linked Steven and Marc together in a way that screwball interactions in the middle of CG-laden adventures could never. Marc and Steven’s trip to life after death also felt really dangerous, which is a true achievement when real danger has so often been an issue in MCU.

Last week, I was worried that any time we spent in the mental hospital and beyond could distract from the action in Egypt, but it was not. As the episode built a case for Marc to survive the journey, I longed for him and Steven to connect, and the episode delivered that catharsis with a light enough touch to avoid feeling compelled. It was wonderful to see Steven embrace his potential to save Marc, and I was almost as sad as Marc to see him fall into the desert and be lost.

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