Moon Knight Easter Egg refers to Kang The Conqueror

Knights of the Moon

Moon knight Easter egg hunt is underway! Marvel performers reveal a lot of Easter eggs in the MCU show Moon Knight. We’ve seen hints about Ennead and their connection to Wakanda and more. Now we see a new clue that suggests a different area of ​​MCU. This new Easter egg suggests the existence of Rama-Tut, one of the Conqueror Kang’s identities. The scene in reference is when Marc wakes up after killing a bunch of thugs and one takes his own life:

Knights of the Moon

This has to be one of the coolest discoveries of a Moon Knight Easter egg yet. I also love how Marvel leaves traces for the existence of these characters through their shows. You can learn about this identity of Kang in my video explanation here.

This is Easter Egg increases my enthusiasm for Ant-Man 3, which will be our debut of the character as a whole.

That’s all I have for this one.

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