Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak sold over 2 million global copies in its first week

The Monster Hunter series has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2004. The game, where players track alone or team up to hunt giant monsters in beautiful natural areas, has captured the action-RPG audience with each new iteration. The biggest success came with the release of Monster Hunter: World in 2018, which is enjoying sales growth even four years after its release. If we include both the base game and the Iceborne expansion, this access to the franchise has achieved a record 21 million units shipped.

Following the success of the world, in March 2021, Capcom released the next part of the saga, titled Monster Hunter: Rise. The new game has sold over 10 million units globally on all its platforms, including the launch of a PC version from the start.

Following yet another successful release, Capcom has announced that the new expansion to Monster Hunter: Rise, called Sunbreak, has already shipped 2 million global copies. Sunbreak is a complete expansion with many new additions, including quests, locations, monsters, new quest series, never-before-seen hunting adventures, and a story chapter.

Capcom has made sure to note that Sunbreak is not an end point, but a milestone for the franchise. The goal is to continue to support Monster Hunter Rise with additional releases of free content, while seeking to increase sales through ongoing promotions and competitive pricing strategies.

With just a few weeks into its life, Sunbreak has already been a success for Capcom and the Monster Hunter franchise. The expansion may surpass the sales figures for Monster Hunter: World and the Iceborne DLC.

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