Mojo Music & Media buys shares in catalogs of Bob Morrison and Jerry Reed

Nashville-based independent publisher Mojo Music & Media has acquired a 50% stake in songwriter Bob Morrison’s release catalog.

The company has also acquired the author share, artist and record remuneration for author, artist and actor Jerry Reed.

As Mojo previously owned Reed’s release catalog, the company says this additional acquisition gives it “complete control over the icon’s legacy of works”.

The Morrison deal brings 76 country and pop hit singles, including standards like Johnny Lees Looking for loveKenny Rogers’ Love The World AwayConway Twitty’s Do not call him a cowboy, Highway 101 Whiskey if you were a woman and The Chicks’ Tonight the heartache is on me.

The Reed acquisition features 50 singles spanning three decades inclusive Amos Moses, Guitar mand, One thing called love, When you are hot, you are hot and East bound and downward.

In the three years that Mojo has owned Reed’s release catalog, the company says that its creative team has landed several syncs, including I feel for you in NBC’s Good Girls, East bound and downward in a national advertising campaign for Hyundai and When you are hot, you are hot in summer season spots for Chevrolet.

Guitar mand will also appear in Baz Luhrmann’s forthcoming Elvis biography.

The acquisition of Mojo Music follows the acquisition in December 2021 of the complete release catalog of Irish songwriter and producer Garret ‘Jacknife’ Lee for an unpublished amount.

The Morrison and Reed agreements also follow a series of acquisitions of Mojo over the past year with country music songwriters including Terry McBride, Tom Shapiro, George Teren and Pat McManus.

“Bob and Jerry helped win millions of new fans through their envelope-pushing writing, musicality and drive, country music.”

Mark Fried, Mojo

Mark Fried, Mojo’s co-founder and CEO, said: “Our joint venture with Bob Morrison and the 360 ​​legacy agreement with Jerry Reed’s daughters underscore Mojo’s commitment to collaborating with the most beloved and influential songwriters and writers / artists in any genre.

“Bob and Jerry helped through their envelope-pushing writing, musicality, and country music drive win millions of new fans and expand their influence on film and television, and we are proud to have already begun to revitalize their songs and enhance their collective performances. . ”

“I have had the good fortune to work with amazing musicians. I have the same feeling with the people at MOJO. “

Bob Morrison

Bob Morrison added: “I’ve had the good fortune to work with amazing musicians. I have the same feeling with the folks at MOJO.

“They’re real singing fans, we have a real partnership, and I’m really excited about the adventure we’re going on.”

“It means the world to us!”

Lottie Zavala (Already a daughter)

Lottie Zavala, Reed’s daughter, said: “Seidina and I are very grateful to Mark and everyone at Mojo for loving Dad and wanting to keep his music and memory alive.

“It means the world to us! And we could not be more excited about all the media projects we work on together to ensure that his songs and story continue to entertain and inspire future fans.”Music business worldwide

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