“Mohammed bin Rashid Charity” raises its contribution to 31 million dirhams in the “One Billion Meals” initiative

Dubai: “The Bay”

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment raised its contribution to the “One Billion Meals” initiative, the largest in the region, to 31 million dirhams, after donating 11 million dirhams, in addition to the 20 million dirhams it gave in equal before the launch of the most comprehensive humanitarian campaign by the United Arab Emirates, to provide food aid to the needy, the poor and the less fortunate in 50 countries.

The fund will also assume the entire distribution of food and packed lunches provided by its donation of 11 million dirhams; This is done by taking advantage of its advanced network of field and logistical operations in the field of charitable and humanitarian work in many countries of the world, particularly on the continents of Asia and Africa.

The foundation was at the forefront of contributing to the Billion Meals initiative when the door was opened for donations to individuals, institutions, economic activities and pioneers in charitable and humanitarian work in early Ramadan.

Ibrahim Bumelha, Adviser to His Highness Dubai’s Ruler for Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs, and Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment, confirmed that the Foundation represents the idea of ​​His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister rules in Dubai. , may God protect him in maintaining charitable work and expanding its impact to the fullest extent, raises his contribution to the “Billion Meals” initiative in response to the extensive institutional and societal movement it has created and in interaction with the flow of donations in response to the invitation of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, all to participate in this humanitarian commitment from the Emirates to the needy in the world.

He said: The Billion Meals initiative, which provides a month of giving, charity and kindness a food safety net to the needy, hungry and insolvent around the world, especially from vulnerable groups such as children, refugees and displaced persons, is an extension of the ongoing humanitarian and charitable work, which embodies the vision of the wise leadership of charitable and humanitarian work and provides the white hands of the UAE community. A continuum of humanitarian initiatives that save those in need.

He pointed out that the Foundation will work with all its energy and capabilities and with the full efforts of its staff, who are eager to reach those in need, wherever they are, with direct support that gives them a safety net they desperately need. for, depending on its integrated logistical service network, which it has built up through many years of organized institutional humanitarian work.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment is a key operating partner of the “Billion Meals” initiative; It undertakes the implementation of distribution operations for food and food packages in the countries in which the company is active, especially on the Asian and African continents; This is done in coordination with local authorities, official institutions and charities working on site there.

The Billion Meals initiative continues to receive donations from individuals, institutions, private sector companies, charities, humanitarian and community organizations to provide relief to the less fortunate and help meet the challenge of 800 million life-threatening hunger. people around the world.

“One Billion Meals” receives donations and contributions through four approved channels: the website www.1billionmeals.ae and the bank transfer to the account of the “One Billion Meals” initiative on the approved account number: AE30026000105333439802 at Emirates NBD in dirhams, and the monthly subscription is to donate a dirham a day to the initiative by sending an sms with the word “meal” or “meal” to the number 1020 for users of the “you” network or the number 1110 for users of the “Etisalat” network in the country, and a donation by contact the “Billion Meals” initiative call center at 8009999.

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