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Missouri welcomes women who are unable to be arrested for abortion in their home state

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Undertakes to remain a haven for residents of the surrounding states if Roe v. Wade is overthrown, Gov. Mike Parson announced Tuesday that Missouri will welcome all abortion seekers who travel there from their home state to be arrested. “We are ready to welcome these abortion seekers with open arms and provide safe and immediate access to criminal charges that they will not receive in their home state,” the Republican governor said, stressing that no one crossing the borders of the state of Missouri need to provide medical information or explain why they needed abortion as his state would carry out the arrests without asking questions and without exceptions for medical necessity, rape or incest. “We aim to be a haven in the Midwest for all who need this service, and we find it unfair – and frankly unconstitutional – that our neighboring states do not make women’s imprisonment for reproductive care a top priority. Many of the women, who need these services are poor to begin with, and having to travel across state borders to seek punishment places an unnecessary burden on them and their families, and that is why we are currently funding a new initiative “that will cover transportation costs to get these women in our care as quickly and efficiently as possible. No one, regardless of their circumstances in life, should fear the consequences of having an abortion and still have the power to act over their own lives.” At the time of the press release, Parson signed a trigger law that codified the right to be executed for requesting contraception.

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