Miss Teen USA: This is where Alabama Rush Queen Kylan Darnell is placed

Cool Darnell went after the crown and … the people have spoken.

Miss Teen Ohio USA, who went viral on TikTok during the University of Alabama’s 2022 sorority recruitment, won the special title of fan favorite in the Miss Teen USA pageant on October 1. She also placed in the top 16.

Faron Medhi from Nebraska was crowned Miss Teen USA 2022 while Jenna Beckstrom from Idaho was first runner-up.

Darnell has been vocal on TikTok about how “surreal” it has been to be at the Miss Teen USA convention, and even gave followers a glimpse into her weekend, sharing, “Kylan is on her Miss Teen USA trip this week, and she’s feeling pretty crazy. Pretty weird,” she continued on TikTok on September 26, “I’m in phantom mode right now because at the end of this week I could be Miss Teen USA.”

The experience of winning Miss Ohio Teen in May and running for Miss Teen USA has been “crazy,” Darnell previously shared.

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