Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns Returns in Game 4 Victory over Memphis Grizzlies

MEMORY POLICE – Karl-Anthony Towns, who came after a sluggish outing in the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Game 3 loss, responded with a productive performance in Minnesota’s 119-118 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 4 Saturday night. The best-of-seven series is now put in stalemate with 2-2.

Towns, a triple All-Star and No. 1 in the 2015 NBA Draft, battled in the two previous games, both Minnesota losses. In games 2 and 3, he made 10 personal errors but made only seven field goals as the Grizzlies threw several defenders after him at half-time.

“A bunch of rage,” Towns said of his mood coming into Game 4. “Trying to find ways to dominate, no matter what they throw [at me] – double, triple, quadruple, coach comes on the field and protects me too – and finds ways to put the ball in the bucket. “

Towns responded with 33 points and 14 rebounds, joining Kevin Garnett as the only Timberwolves player to record a 30-and-10 playoff game. One of the NBA’s most versatile offensive big men, Towns showed off his full repertoire. He thrived in pick-and-roll, drove as an isolation scorer against Memphis’ overmatched great defenders, and even came off the screen as a long-range shooter. He scored effective 1.43 points per.

“He was angry,” Minnesota coach Chris Finch said of Towns’ attitude before the game. “He was really good from the start: aggressive, putting pressure on them, forcing them to whistle, getting to the free-throw line, things he hadn’t done much in the last few games.”

Towns lived by the free-throw line last Saturday, challenging the Grizzlies’ defense on their way to the basket. He lowered 14 of his 17 free-throw attempts and attributed much of his overall success in Game 4 to his results at the stripe.

“It gives me free shots on the edge,” Towns said. “It gives a good touch of basketball. It gives me a good rhythm. More importantly for me personally, it allows me to calm down.”

Among those penalty throws was the pair that made the game for the Timberwolves, bringing them four by 4.4 seconds back. Towns, a career shooter with an 83.3% free throw, said he was infinitely sure he would drain the final shot.

“I knew it was good – the game was over,” he said. “I was thinking about what I should eat.”

Afterwards, the Grizzlies guard praised Ja Morant Towns’ efforts in light of his poor performance in Minnesota’s historic collapse in Game 3.

“KAT reacted like a superstar should,” Morant said.

Morant, who only worked for 11 points on 4-to-13 shooting from the field – accompanied by 16 assists – will have the opportunity to answer for himself in Game 5 of Memphis Tuesday night.

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