Microsoft PL-100 Exam for Power Platform App Makers: Why Pass It?

PL-100: The Microsoft Power Platform App Maker exam targets app developers, business analysts, systems analysts, and others typically involved in using Power Platform solutions to transform, simplify, and automate business processes. For these people, Microsoft has introduced the title “Power Platform App Maker”. You are a good candidate for 70-480 role if you are solution-oriented and you use the tools from the Microsoft Power Platform to solve your company’s problems.

As it is aimed at app developers and technology savvy business people, let’s look at the benefits of passing the Microsoft PL-100 exam for these individuals.

Why the PL-100 should be on your list

Understandably, you may have the question in your mind why you should spend time preparing for the PL-100? But if you do great as a Power Platform App Maker, the reason for passing this exam will only get bigger. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Proof of your skills

Business process efficiency organizations may consider the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate certification that you obtain after passing the PL-100 exam to authenticate current and potential team members’ knowledge. The primary goal of the exam is to validate your 70-486 and capabilities to design, build, and deploy apps for multiple devices using the Power Apps platform. This also refers to the term. It is an important brand that validates your skills.

  1. A globally recognized Microsoft exam

Microsoft is a world-class company in terms of quality and credibility. As a result, exams and certifications issued by this AZ-301 giant is recognized for being of great importance and the PL-100 is no exception. Additionally, a candidate with the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate certification is considered to be more proficient in Power Platform than non-certified counterparts.

According to a survey by Global Knowledge, 93% of IT-related people believe that certified employees add more value to the team, close talent gaps and are more effective than their non-certified counterparts.

  1. The PL-100 opens up a world of career opportunities

Passing an exam and obtaining a certification proves your skills and validates your knowledge of certain subject areas. In addition, certified skills are sometimes used as a recruitment criterion by employers. It implies that unless you pass MS-900 you are less likely to be hired for the desired position. As a result, certified graduates have the advantage over other potential hires and have more promotion opportunities.

  1. Progress in your current role

Professionals with advanced certifications are likely to earn more and attract opportunities for promotion. Certified employees earn 15% more than non-certified employees, are 20% more productive and have a higher retention rate. Certifications can set you apart from other experts and increase your chances of promotion in your current job or business.

Passing the PL-100 exam and becoming certified can qualify you for more lucrative positions with higher pay. According to statistics, a 70-761 can earn from $ 78,600 to $ 99,600 annually.

  1. Greater sense of accomplishment

According to the Pearson VUE Value of IT Certification survey, participants who have acquired the certification report a number of personal benefits, such as increased professional credibility and confidence. These certified employees also stated that their job satisfaction and responsibilities have grown.


Earning appropriate certification as a 70-778 is the most effective approach to demonstrating your abilities. Being certified by Microsoft will greatly help you grow as a professional in many ways and open up plenty of career opportunities for you. Therefore, you must first pass the PL-100 exam to obtain the accreditation as a Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate. So why wait? It’s high time to pass this exam!

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