Michigan teacher placed on administrative leave after worksheet

Roommates, a teacher from Birmingham, MI, is facing disciplinary action and is on administrative leave after giving students at Roeper School a worksheet entitled “Monkeys, Monkeys, and Lemurs: An Introduction to Primates.”

As we have previously reported, the worksheet distributed last week compared former US President Barack Obama to primates. The school has released a statement to CNN condemning the actions of the unnamed biology teacher. “The teacher’s choice to use the curriculum with the disturbing racial crime … was contrary to the school’s mission and philosophy,” Roeper School said.

“We sincerely apologize for its use and the damage it has caused,” the statement continued. “Although the teacher has taken responsibility and admits the mistake of not researching the resource properly, we know it is not enough and she has been given administrative leave so far.”

CNN also received a copy of a letter that school principal David Feldman sent home to Roeper’s parents on May 17, sincerely lamenting the use of the spreadsheet and the damage it caused. The letter read: “We speak of our commitment to carry out the important work of educating ourselves and society in diversity, equality, inclusion and justice, and yet we did not live up to our core values ​​on this occasion.”

It continued: “Our students deserve to learn in an environment that is safe and where they are treated with dignity. And our adults must continue to model how to listen when a member of society is hurt, apologize when it is necessary and take steps to ensure that it does not happen again. ” CNN reports that the spreadsheet comes from a bachelor’s thesis from Duke University, which is posted on the school’s anthropological website. Roeper School immediately plans to implement curricula and professional development with a focus on racial inequalities and cultural competencies.

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