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Just a few months after departure The view, Meghan McCain slaps his former co-hosts in a new memoir.

In an excerpt for Variety, McCain said in Bad Republicans that the iconic talk show “breeds drama: producers can not control hosts, handle conflicts or control leakage. My bid on the show is that the work on The View brings out the worst in people.”

She also said: “I believe all women and staff work in conditions where the culture is so fucked up that it feels like quicksand.”

The former Fox News expert did not stop there. She aimed at the moderator Whoopi Goldbergand said: “The thing about Whoopi, though, is that she gives so much power in culture and television, and once she turns you on, it can create unimaginable excitement at the table. I found her open contempt for me more and more difficult to deal with as the years went by and it became more frequent. ”

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McCain addressed viral moments, such as when Goldberg said to the 36-year-old, who famously and repeatedly spoke to his co-hosts, “Girl, please do not talk.” She also brought up another moment where Whoopi responded with a simple “okay” after a lengthy complaint from the conservative commentator.

McCain claims she was “really hurt” and said in her memoirs, “Day after day, week after week, these things take a toll.”

She also complained about the original host Joy Behar. When the 79-year-old said she did not miss her after she was on maternity leave, McCain claims she broke into the “uncontrollable sob” outside the camera. According to her, she told the producers that she wanted an apology – Behar refused.

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In addition, McCain credited himself for The viewhigh ratings, “The view would not have had the assessments it had in my four years if I were like the conservative co-hosts who succeeded Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “

For years, there were claims that it was Meghan McCain who made the show a toxic work environment. Back in January 2020, Page Six reported that “the tension has been high” and the hosts “have lost patience” with Meghan McCain.

Meghan McCains Bad Republicans is available on Audible on October 21st.

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