Meghan Markle sends snacks to mothers struggling to reform gun laws

Meghan Markle showed its solidarity with the American grassroots organization Moms Demand Action by sending them a whole lot of snacks.

The Duchess of Sussex surprised the group, which campaigns for public security measures to protect Americans from gun violence with a wide range of treats, including donuts, bagels, coffee, cookies and other snacks, according to Shannon Watts the founder of Moms Demand Action, who shared the details of Meghan’s thoughtful gift Twitter. “@ MomsDemand volunteers and staff have been working around the clock for weeks, so it was touching to receive such a supportive message – and snacks! – from the Duchess of Sussex today,” Watts wrote, adding three red heart emojis. Watts was also so grateful for the gifts that she sent Meghan the red t-shirt, which was traditionally worn by Moms Demand Action organizers as a thank you, and told one of her Twitter followers that the uniform was already “on the way! “

Along with the refreshment, the Duchess also added a special note written on her letterhead showing her monogram with the crown of the heir’s child. “Good afternoon ladies. To each and every one of you and your fearless leader Shannon, a huge thank you for the work you do to keep our children, families and communities safe,” the letter began. “Please know that even if you perhaps feeling exhausted by your endless hours of dedication to this cause, I hope you feel energetic knowing that the work you do is important and so deeply appreciated. As a mother and friend, thank you so much! Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. “

Arms control is an issue that is particularly important to the royal, especially as the mother of two young children. Last month, she and her husband Prince Harry visited Uvalde, Texas, the site of a mass shooting that left 21 people, including 19 children, dead. During that visit, the Duchess also reportedly delivered two boxes of food, beverages and desserts intended for blood donors at the Herby Ham Activity Center in the city. She also later went to place flowers at a temporary memorial to the victims outside the courthouse in Uvalde.

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