McDonald’s will remove seven items from the menu tomorrow, including Big Tasty and Creme Egg McFlurry

MCDONALD’S fans would rather hurry to the chain if they want one last taste of its Big Tasty burger or Creme Egg McFlurry.

That’s because the burger giant is removing seven items from its menu tomorrow, including the two popular fast-food treats.

McDonald's Big Tasty disappears from the menu tomorrow


McDonald’s Big Tasty disappears from the menu tomorrowCredit: McDonalds

As part of the shake-up, McDonald’s will also be dropping the home’s crispy chicken burger, chili cheese bites and its Cadbury caramel McFlurry as well.

Each of the items had joined the McDonald’s menu for a limited number last month.

But their time is now over and tomorrow is the last chance for fans to get them.

Maccies lovers were delighted to find out that the great tasty had returned on March 16 – especially when they found out it came in three different flavors.

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The Big Tasty was on McDonald’s limited edition menu last summer when fans could grab a standard burger or one with bacon.

But this year, McDonald’s had increased its game and brought a whole new variant when it introduced the Big Tasty BBQ.

Unfortunately, the new addition, along with the other two Big Tasty options, only lasts one more day, as McDonald’s paves the way for beginners to get in later in the week.

Creme Egg McFlurry will be another time-limited offer that fans are sad to see go.

The popular ice cream product had hit McDonald’s menu just in time for Easter this year.

But fans know that the fast food chain regularly changes their McFlurry tastes – for Christmas it had a Celebrations version, and it has previously had Rolo, Crunchie and more.

What has been scrapped?

Seven menu items leave McDonald’s, so you only have until the end of the game tomorrow to try them. They include:

  • Original Big Tasty – £ 4.89
  • Big Tasty with Bacon – £ 5.39
  • Great tasty BBQ – £ 5.39
  • Homestyle Crispy Chicken – £ 4.39
  • Chili Cheese Bites with rich tomato dip – £ 1.99
  • Cadbury Caramel McFlurry – £ 1.39
  • Creme Egg McFlurry – £ 1.39

Out with the old …

However, it’s not all doom for McDonald’s lovers, as the menu items are only scrapped to make room for new tasty treats.

On Wednesday, the McDonald’s menu will see another facelift as five new products join the range.

They replace those who come from the menu tomorrow, but it also means that they do not stay for a long time either.

The beginners will only be on the menu for six weeks, McDonald’s says.

Two new McFlurry flavors will replace the Easter themes that disappear from tomorrow.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s popular McSpicy will also make a big comeback.

  • McSpicy – £ 4.29
  • Grand Big Mac – £ 4.79
  • Grand Big Mac with bacon – £ 5.29
  • Cheesy Garlic Bite – £ 1.99
  • Flake Raspberry McFlurry – £ 1.39
  • Flake Chocolate McFlurry – £ 1.39

You will be able to get each of these menu items from April 27, but stock will be subject to availability.

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Despite what comes and goes in the fast food chain, fans can continue to get big discounts throughout the week thanks to McDonald’s Tap to Play scheme – today, for example. 20% discount.

And if you’re more of an early bird, this is when McDonald’s stops serving breakfast – and what’s on the menu.

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