Marvel’s Shang-Chi just took the ten rings of power for itself

The following are major spoilers for Shang-Chi # 11, now available from Marvel.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has developed something of a symbiotic relationship with the source material that inspired it. While most of MCU’s main characters and story lines were adapted from comics, many of the changes MCU has made to established characters, locations, and artifacts have managed to find their way into newer comics.

Although they originally did not share any connection to the comic book history of 2021 Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings established a deep, intergenerational history between the titular hero’s family and the MCU’s heavily altered version of the Ten Rings. IN Shang-Chi # 11 (by Gene Luen Yang, Marcus To, Erick Arciniega, Sunny Gho and VC’s Travis Lanham), a version of the ten rings similar to the set found in MCU, gets its comic book debut. Shang-Chi finds himself putting them on to defend his newly reunited family against an enemy set on exterminating his late father Zheng Zhu’s bloodline, blurring the boundaries between Shang-Chi’s comic and cinematic counterparts.

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Shang-Chi’s life became an uncertain balancing act after inheriting his late father’s position as commander-in-chief of the Five Weapons Society. It forced him to weigh his budding relationship with his newly discovered half-siblings against his deteriorating relationship with the superhero society. So, just as it seemed he had found some peace by reuniting with his long-lost mother Jiang Li and learning about her upbringing in the mysterious area of ​​Ta Lo, a new threat revealed itself in the form of his grandfather. , Chieftain Xin, the leader of Ta-Lo’s Qilan Riders.

Furious at Zheng Zhu’s seduction of his daughter, the ruthless Xin Jiang Li kidnapped and unleashed a herd of mysterious beasts known as Taotie to hunt and kill all of Zheng Zhu’s children. After rescuing his alienated sister Shi-Hua, Shang-Chi and his siblings took the road to Ta Lo to rescue Jiang Li and stop Xin once and for all. Unfortunately, the Jade emperor, the ruler of Ta Lo and the leader of the Ten Rings quickly captured the family. When Xin attacked the Jade Emperor’s palace for killing his grandchildren, Zheng Zhu’s spirit guided Shang-Chi to the palace’s inner shrine. It allowed him to claim the ten rings for himself and use them to defend his family against his murderous grandfather.

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Since the reintroduction of Jiang-Li in Shang-Chi # 4 (by Yang, To, Arciniega, Gho and Lanham), items from Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings has gradually entered the Marvel universe. Ta Lo, an empire inhabited by the gods and mystical creatures of ancient Chinese mythology, first emerged within the MCU, as did its connection to Shang-Chi’s maternal lineage. While the origins of the ten rings as the Jade Emperor’s weapon differ from the origins of the rings that Shang-Chi’s father Wenwu used to lead the terrorist organization of the same name within the MCU, their appearance and abilities seem to be directly inspired by them.

In the climax of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, Shang-Chi found out that he used the ten rings to save Ta Lo and the rest of the world from Dweller-In-Darkness, and took his first steps toward redeeming the dark legacy his father had left behind. While the exact circumstances behind Shang-Chi’s acquisition and use of the ten rings in Shang-Chi # 11 is different from those in the movie, he still uses them to protect his family from danger. After proving that he is capable of welding many powerful weapons, including a Cosmic Cube, Shang-Chi will likely be able to use the ten rings as skillfully as his MCU counterpart did.

With the fate of his newfound family at stake, Shang-Chi will have to put his new weapons to the ultimate test against his most powerful enemy. Since Xin is willing to do anything to erase the “stain” that Zheng Zhu left on his honor, the coming battle is likely to be fought to the death.

MCU's most incredible weapon is finally part of the primary Marvel universe

MCU’s most incredible weapon is finally part of the primary Marvel universe

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