Marvel’s secret invasion apparently digs deep into the Skrull mythology

Photos recently appeared on Twitter reveals the cast and crew hats for “Secret Invasion”. The show’s logo is displayed on the back of the cap and says “CAST & CREW 2022” in Scroll Green on the right. There is a green owl clock on the front and green text on the left side. This text is the language of the Scrolls and once translated (using this handy guide from @Danactual on Twitter), it says, “He loves you.”

In the comics, this phrase is associated with the very religious Skrulls. The “he” they refer to is a Skrull named Kly’bn, the last of an ancient race of Skrull Eternals who were supposed to start the Skrull civilization on their home planet Skrullos. He was seen as the ultimate example of what a Skrull should be. Together with Queen Sl’gur’t, he ruled the pantheon of the Skrull gods and wrote their sacred text, World Book Skrull. And it was in this book where three prophecies were written that said that the home world of the Skrulls would be destroyed and they would find a new home on Earth. Basically, the whole secret invasion was set in motion by the “he” mentioned on the hat.

It is currently unclear how this information will be included in the Disney + series because there is a chance that it may just be an exhibition or it may play a role in Fury’s master plan. In the “Secret Invasion” affiliation numbers of “Incredible Hercules”, the Olympic Athena gathers a team of terrestrial gods to hunt down Kly’bn and kill him to show the other Skrulls that he is no deity and should not be worshiped as one. Although it looks like MCU will introduce Olympians in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, I would not be surprised if Fury, Talos and their team take on the mission of murdering a god to stop an invasion of alien from religious extremists.

Although it’s all pure speculation so far. As “Secret Invasion” is expected to premiere sometime in 2022, we’ll hopefully get a confirmation of that sooner rather than later.

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