Marvel’s Kevin Feige has reportedly warned Sony about their Spider-Man universe

The MCU Spider-Man movies are nothing short of a miracle. To make them exist in the first place, it required intensive collaboration and trust between both Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. Somehow, even though their relationship almost went apart, the two still work happily together. In fact, there are more Spider Man film in the ladle. But what about Sony’s other projects?

How involved are Marvel Studios and its president Kevin Feige when it comes to movies like Married and Morbius? Since none of these projects include Spider-Man, one would obviously assume that Sony is going for it alone.

Another reason why many believe Marvel is not involved is the quality of these spin-off projects. To put it mildly, Jared Leto’s new “Marvel Legend” was not taken for granted.

While it may seem like the obvious answer is that Marvel Studios does not include itself outside of Tom Holland, the truth may be the opposite. According to a new report, Kevin Feige may be more part of the process than previously thought.

Kevin Feige’s Sony commitment revealed

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In a new report from The Ankler, a surprising detail about Kevin Feige’s own Spider-Senses was revealed.

According to the business, the Marvel Studios president is not just helping Tom Holland Spider Man movie. He still offers notes for Sony’s projects outside the MCU.

One of the outlet’s insiders “[credited] Coward to guide Sony’s approach “ as well as “warns studio not to go too far ahead of itself:”

“And yes, Marvel’s Kevin Feige weighs in and offers notes on Sony’s Marvel movies that do not include Spider-Man. An insider credits Feige for guiding Sony’s approach and warning the studio not to get ahead of itself in terms of build some bigger universe in the style of the Avengers movies. “

Feige’s guiding hand does not always stick

Many may be confused to hear that Feige actually gives notes to Sony. It makes one certainly wonder how the abysmal and often memed, Morbius the post-credit sequence reached the screen.

The odds of Marvel Studios’ boss falling on deaf ears are probably quite high. After all, Sony somehow decided to make Jægeren Kraven an animal lover for its upcoming solo project – the opposite of the character in the cartoon.

It’s probably a sure bet that Feige did not recommend they make a movie out of The dead; one of Sony’s most dubious choices to date.

At the end of the day, Marvel Studios wants and needs access to Spider-Man, and they’ll probably do anything to maintain that status quo. Unfortunately, this apparently includes the creation of projects such as Morbius.

Morbius can now be purchased where movies are sold.

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