Marvel’s Daredevil star Charlie Cox is promoting the former Netflix series on Disney + in a new ad

Charlie Cox’s next move in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not yet been revealed. Despite that, Disney + gets help from the actor to help promote the arrival of vovehals and the other DefendersVerse shows on the streaming service. Like an eagle’s eye vovehals and Marvel fan noted, Disney + unveiled yet another promotional video honoring the series. In it, Cox reveals why he thinks the show is so special.

“Hi, my name is Charlie Cox. I’m playing Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, in Marvel’s Daredevil on Disney +,” the actor said in the video (via The direct). “Marvel’s Daredevil is a crime story that tells the story of a blind lawyer by day, a superhero by night, who tries to help people who use both the law and vigilance, yet struggle with morale in their actions.”

It’s nice to see Disney + really promote Daredevil well, at this point more than Netflix ever did lol from marvelstudios

He added: “To me, Daredevil represents the idea that sometimes small daily acts of kindness or help can make a big difference and create big changes over time. People love superheroes, and what makes Daredevil special is that this character has to struggle and sacrifice a lot to be effective, and I think viewers relate to how difficult it can sometimes be to make the right decisions in life. “

Earlier this year, the actor said he is not entirely sure when he will return, though he feels another role is in order for him.

“More than that I do not know, and the little I know, of course, I do not want to say. But the only thing I want to say is that for a long time I was asked these questions, and I really had not heard anything,” said Cox in a promotional interview Kin, a series he’s streaming on AMC +. “For years I’ve been asked to return as Daredevil, and the real truth was that I 100% assumed it was gone, that ship had just sailed. I did not hear from any of the people at Marvel for a couple of years now it seems like I’ve been lying for a long time, I actually was not, I was just lying for a little while. You still do not want to ruin it for people. “

The DefendersVerse is now streamed in full on Disney +.

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