Marvel’s Avengers Celebrate Ramadan with Free Ms. Marvel skins

Crystal Dynamics is celebrating the end of Ramadan – known as Eid al-Fitr (which aptly translates to “Festival of Breaking Fast”) – within Marvel’s Avengers. In addition to wishing a blessed holiday to those who participate in it, the studio is giving away the Cosmos outfit to Ms. Marvel, the game’s Pakistani-American hero.

The free shine on Epic-tier went live in storefront on April 28 along with the Asgardian Destroyer Thor costume. As stated on the marketplace, the Cosmos outfit will only be free for a limited time, and although Crystal Dynamics did not say exactly when it would disappear, it will likely be available until the game’s next store update on May 5 (although Ramadan ends on 1 May). That AvengersThe Twitter account released a short video clip of the skin that let players admire its purple and dark pink galactic shades in action.

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Ms. Marvel’s Disney + show is still scheduled for June, which will likely be around the time the game gets an outfit inspired by that series. A prominent Avengers delicious also listed that Mrs. Marvel is set to have two other skins in the future: one with her wearing civilian clothes and another putting the elastic hero in a Kree Stormranger suit.

Players are still waiting for more comprehensive content for the game. Although Crystal Dynamics said Lady Thor is coming, the team provided no release window. She-Hulk was reportedly in production and was then pressured to adapt to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has only apparently extended the wait for more meaty content.

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