Man’s ad for a roommate goes viral over his ‘unreasonable demands’

A man’s ad for a roommate has gone viral on his list of ‘unreasonable claims’. The ad for the apartment – which has only one bed – said the potential roommate could sleep on the couch, but there would be an expectation that they would eventually sleep together.

Other provisions included that the potential roommate was a single woman who was between 18-25 years old. The poster also stated that she should be willing to cook and clean.

There was also a “no closed doors” policy, although this was claimed to be for security reasons. Male companions were not allowed to visit and drinking was also prohibited.

The ad was posted on Twitter by @DevinDonuts after she saw it on a wall. Hundreds of thousands of people liked the picture, and many took the time to respond.

@ slippies46 asked, “What happens when she turns 26?” @ godwhatalittle1 said, “It’s not a roommate who’s a really cheap sugar daddy.”

@LindaWestonpdx wrote: “Whaaaat? And she has to pay him $ 400 in addition to doing all the work?”

Others, however, were in doubt as to the authenticity of the message. Some said it “had to be a joke”.

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