Man peed on a child and then shouted at sheep, bringing the A9 to a halt

Thomas Degnan says he has not drunk alcohol since the incident (Photo: Perthshire Picture Agency)

A Scottish man has admitted to urinating on a child and shouting at sheep after a drunken brawl with his partner.

Thomas Degnan, 42, stormed out of the car at a gas station near Gleneagle and walked around the back of the car to relieve himself.

As he did so, he opened the door of another vehicle to find a nine-year-old child and continued to urinate before the boy’s mother drove off.

Sir. Degnan then stumbled onto the A9 and pulled the lane to a halt before heading to the central reserve, where he began shouting for sheep.

Perth Sheriff Court was told he had no recollection of the incident that happened on May 29 last year.

Tax deputy Bill Kermode told the court: ‘The staff at the petrol station contacted the police because he shouted at her. He went to the back of a car and peed. As he continued to urinate, he walked around and opened a door.

‘It became clear that he was under the influence. He shouted incoherently before returning to the forecourt.

‘Then he stumbled onto the A9, causing vehicles to swerve, slow down and stop. He came to the central reserve before falling to the ground.

‘Then he got up and started crossing back to the gas station. He again got vehicles to dodge. An employee began signaling to drivers to slow down to avoid an accident. ‘

Police reported to the scene to find him topless and incoherent, struggling to both walk and talk.

Topless drunk peed on a child and then shouted at sheep bringing the A9 to a standstill Loaninghead petrol station on the A9 near Gleneagles

Gas station staff notified police (Image: Google Map)

Degnan, from Glasgow, admitted that he had acted in a threatening or violent manner at the petrol station, causing fear or alarm by repeatedly shouting and cursing and repeatedly hitting the window of a vehicle occupied by a woman and a nine-year-old boy.

He also admitted another charge of assaulting the boy by peeing on him, and a third charge of “peeing in circumstances that could cause irritation to others”.

Sheriff Francis Gill said: ‘Your behavior during this incident was appalling. It has probably caused trauma to your partner and the children involved.

‘It is also fortunate that your actions did not cause harm to drivers who had to turn to avoid you. You have no recollection of the incident because you were drunk. That’s no excuse. ‘

Degnan was ordered to perform 150 hours of unpaid work and placed under social supervision for 12 months.

His lawyer said he and his partner are in a ‘much better’ place than they were during the incident and he has not drunk since.

‘He has not consumed alcohol since then. He has no recollection of the offense because of his level of intoxication. He was on medication for a foot injury, which combined with the alcohol was not a good mix, says attorney Pauline Cullerton.

“He is very lucky and grateful that no members of the public were injured as a result, and he is very lucky that he was not injured, given that he has crossed a very busy road with two roads.”

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