Man in court for cutting hole in neighbor’s hedge so he could see the mountains

Alexander Edwards, 30, of Pengarth, Conwy (house on the right), pleaded guilty at Llandudno Magistrates Court to harassing his neighbor.

Alexander Edwards repeatedly harassed Ian Cox

A man has been fined after claiming he cut down part of his neighbor’s hedge to improve his visibility.

During a harassment campaign, Alexander Edwards cut the hole in a hedge belonging to Ian Cox, claiming he wanted a better view of the Welsh mountains.

But after hearing that Edwards also got his dog backing up late at night, singing rap music on antisocial hours and shining a torch against a CCTV camera, he was taken to court.

Edwards’ mother Jane had started an ongoing feud with Mr. Cox about eight years ago.

When Edwards moved into his mother’s house in Pengarth, Conwy, he became entangled in the row.

Sir. Cox kept a detailed logbook of all the incidents he was exposed to, often in the early morning hours.

The 7-foot hole appeared in Mr. Cox’s hedge on July 5, 2021, and Edwards admitted he had done it to better see the mountains from his bedroom window.

He sang ‘I’m f ** king gonna kill yer’ in one of his lyrics and the dogs would be encouraged to bark at midnight or 6 p.m.

On August 2, he stuck his middle finger up against Mr. Cox. On January 4, he did it again and then ran after him, which raised alarm.

Later that day, he spat on Mr Cox’s van window.

The behavior made Mr. Cox unable to use his own garden.

Graham Parry, who defended Edwards, said he had a view down the valley, but the hedge had grown out of control.

District Judge Gwyn Jones told Edwards in the case: ‘Whatever reason you have been involved in a dispute that you have not made.

‘Regardless of the rights and the wrong in this case, you performed a series of small acts which caused harassment by your neighbor. It was antisocial behavior. ‘

The district court judge noted that Edwards had never ‘bothered the courts’ before, but he added: ‘I am satisfied that this offense is serious enough to justify a Community order.’

He was instructed to perform 80 hours of community service and was not allowed to speak to Mr. Cox for four years. He must pay £ 180 to the court.

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