Man convicted in the murder of UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Smith in 2010 is expected to testify in a civil lawsuit

A jury was selected Monday in civil lawsuit against a man who was convicted of second-degree murder in the 2010 death of a University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley love.

An unlawful death case brought by Love’s mother seeks to hold George Huguely responsible for Yeardley’s killing. Love and Huguely – who also played lacrosse at UVA – were in an on-again, off-again dating relationship. The lawsuit claims $ 29.5 million in damages and $ 1 million in damages.

Huguely will be brought to court from prison on the day he is to testify, but not on the other days of the trial, his lawyer said.

George Huguely and Yeardley Love
George Huguely and Yeardley Love

AP / Daily Progress via Charlottesville Police Department

Eleven juries were elected to hear the case, including seven ordinary juries and four deputies. The trial in Charlottesville Circuit Court is expected to last about eight days. Opening declarations are Tuesday.

Love, from Cockeysville, Maryland, and Huguely, from Chevy Chase, Maryland, were both seniors who were weeks away from graduation. They were known for their play on UVA’s nationally ranked men’s and women’s lacrosse team, but also for their fleeting relationships.

Prosecutors said Huguely kicked a hole in Love’s bedroom door and then punched her after a day of golfing and drinking, furious that she had had an affair with a lacrosse player from North Carolina.

A doctor concluded that the 22-year-old Love died of blunt force in the head, but defense and prosecution experts offered various medical opinions about the fatal consequences of her injuries.

During the jury selection process on Monday, many of the potential jurors told Judge Richard Moore that they had read or heard media reports about the case after Yeardley was killed or during Huguely’s criminal trial in 2012. Moore rejected three potential jurors who said they had formed say an opinion. on the case and would not be able to put that opinion aside to act as jurors in the civil case.

The civil lawsuit is expected to include many of the same witnesses, though many of them are expected to testify in video footage rather than in person.

Huguely’s lawyer, Matthew Green, said the defense will acknowledge that Huguely’s assault and violence caused Love’s death and that her family is entitled to compensation in an amount to be decided by the jury. But he said the defense does not believe criminal damages are appropriate.

Virginia Lacrosse drab
George Huguely will be escorted into the Charlottesville Circuit courthouse in Charlottesville, Va., Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

Steve Helber / AP

Love’s mother and sister as well as Huguely’s mother were present in the courtroom on Monday. Love’s family spoke to CBS Baltimore in 2013 about their loss.

“You keep thinking and thinking this is not right. Just a little feeling in the back of your mind that she’s going to walk through the door,” her sister Lexie Love said.

Juries in Huguelys 2012 first degree murder case seen a police interrogation video recorded hours after Love’s body was found in her apartment.

“I have to tell you something,” it. That’s what Lisa Reeves told Huguely after answering questions about the night’s events. “She’s dead. You killed her.”

“She’s dead? How is she dead?” Huguely asked repeatedly. “Please tell me she’s not dead.”

“George, I wish I could, but I can not. She is 22 years old and life has gone out of her,” Reeves said.

Before finding out that Love was dead, Huguely told police in his videotaped statement that when he visited his ex-girlfriend the night after her death, he told her to “relax” and “shake her a little.” “

“We were just talking,” Huguely told the officer in the video.

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