Man catches sight of a snake wrapped around his side mirror while driving at 70 km / h on the motorway

The hose wrapped around a side mirror k

The budget version of Snakes on a Plane (Image: Charlie Bristow / Deadline News)

Have you ever flipped over a spider or a fly that shares the car with you?

A man had an even more shocking encounter when he looked in his side mirror to see a snake wrapped around it.

James Bristow was driving on the M5 towards Staffordshire when he noticed the sliding blind passenger.

His son Charlie, 25, picked up his phone instead of starting filming and captured how one of the family worriedly says ‘for hell!’

A passenger can be heard saying, ‘Jesus Christ, I never think I’ve seen a snake.’

They correctly identify it as a grass snake and try to find a place to pull over where it can get to safety.

But unfortunately there was nowhere to stop as it was a smart highway.

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After moving from the front bonnet and into the side mirror, the hose then falls down the road.

Those in the car shout ‘oh no’ and the video ends without showing if the snake managed to get out of the driveway.

Charlie posted the video on TikTok last Sunday, writing: ‘Just drove down the M5 when this happened.

‘We tried to pull over, but there was not a hard shoulder.’

The video has been viewed over 25,000 times and attracted dozens of comments.

One said, ‘Poor little grass snake, I hope he’s good.’

Another wrote: ‘I want to pretend there’s a part two and the little guy’s okay.’

A third added: “You should have opened the window and locked him in. He’s just a harmless grass snake.”

But another said, ‘I would have crashed.’

Yesterday Charlie said: ‘My dad, the driver, first spotted it and yelled “Oh my god there’s a *** a snake there”.

The grass hose on the mirror with the highway in the background

They are not preparing you for this in your driving test … (Image: Charlie Bristow / Deadline News)

“Me and my cousin Max were like ‘what?’

‘My father steered into the slow lane and slowed down, causing the car behind to beep at us. Then I took out my camera and started filming.

‘We were probably driving 70 km / h when it jumped headfirst.

‘We were in the middle lane, but moved quickly into the slow lane.

‘We really wanted to pull over and save it, but unfortunately it was a smart highway so we could not drive.

‘We were parked in a field and it must have crawled up into the engine compartment as it liked the heat.’

Grass snakes are found mainly in lowland areas of Great Britain, especially in the south and south-east of England.

The harmless snakes are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, making it illegal to intentionally injure or kill them.

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