Maggie Q stars in the Neil LaBute thriller about home invasion

Filming is now underway on Quiver Distribution’s thriller for home invasion Fear the nightstarring Maggie Q (The Protected) and is directed by Neil LaBute (Lakeview terrace). The story introduces Q’s character,

Iraqi war veteran Tess as she prepares for her sister’s bachelorette party. As the festivities unfold, the party is abruptly interrupted by a group of home invaders, who quickly take the house under siege in search of a hidden fortune. Surrounded by the frightened partygoers, Tess quickly discovers that the ruthless attackers are intent on not leaving any witnesses. Tess strikes back and the special ops expert takes matters into his own hands.

Highland Film Group handles international sales for Fear the night, and will present the project to potential buyers at the upcoming Marché du Film. Representatives of Quiver Distribution and Highland Film Group describe the film as a “thrilling”, “thrilling action-packed thriller”.

Fear the night produced by Eric Brenner along with Berry Meyerowitz, Jeff Sackman and Larry Greenberg of Quiver Distribution.

In addition to The ProtectedQ has had roles in Mission: Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard, Nikita, that Divergent franchise, Stalker, Designated Survivor, Fantasy Island, and Mig’s death. LaBute’s previous instructional credits include IN The Company of Men, Your Friends and Neighbors, Nurse Betty, Possession (2002), The form of things, the re-recording of Died at a funeral, dirty weekend, some velvet morning, and yes, unfortunately, the remake of The Wicker Man.

The Wicker Man other than that, LaBute has made some great movies and I’m definitely interested in watching Q take on a group of home attackers. So I look forward to seeing how Fear the night is going to show.

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