MAFS UK viewers frustrated after Jonathan admits he ‘doesn’t care’ about his opinions offending people: ‘He has the emotional intelligence of a salad’

MAFS UK viewers frustrated after Jonathan admits he ‘doesn’t care’ about his opinions offending people: ‘He has the emotional intelligence of a salad’
“If I offend anyone I’ll really lash out, I don’t care,” said Jonathan (Image: E4)

Married At First Sight UK viewers were left feeling a little frustrated after hearing contestant Jonathan Wileman unapologetically defend his opinions.

Jonathan was a latecomer to this series, but things seemed to be going well when he first met (and married) Sophie Brown at the altar.

But their relationship quickly took a turn after Jonathan didn’t hold back in saying that he didn’t want his wife to get ‘horse legs’ or gain a lot of weight (although it would be okay if it was a medical problem).

The controversial topic has been at the center of debate between the other MAFS UK stars, and was brought to light once again in tonight’s recommitment ceremony, where Jonathan made it clear he didn’t care to offend people.

Referring to comments he had previously made, Jonathan said: ‘If you know me as a person, I say things in a direct way, not necessarily seriously, but in jest a lot of the time.

‘If I offend anyone, I will sincerely polish it, I don’t care.’

‘Did you just say you don’t care how it lands?’ expert Mel Schilling asked, to which Jonathan replied: ‘No, well no, well, I said like sometimes I think I don’t care.’

Married at first sight Jonathan and Sophie
His comments have previously offended wife Sophie (Image: E4)

He continued: ‘I know in my head I don’t mean it in a malicious way, it’s just like a funny comment.’

When Sophie explained how ‘difficult’ it was to hear comments like them, Jonathan replied: ‘I mean I’m sorry if I offend you in any way but if you knew me as a person you wouldn’t have taken that as a serious comment.’

‘It’s about how it’s received,’ Mel replied, shaking her head.

Mel Schilling on Married at First Sight UK
Mel couldn’t hide her shock! (Image: E4)
Married At First Sight UK Jonathan
Jonathan stunned viewers with his comments (Image: E4)

‘I’m still struggling to understand where the insult was because it was an opinion, it wasn’t directed at Sophie.’

Viewers were left baffled by Jonathan’s defence, with one writing: “Jonathan digs so much he’s about to end up in MAFS Australia.”

“Jonathan, never miss an opportunity to shut up. You’re dead wrong here mate. Dead wrong. The emotional maturity of a discarded plastic fork. He basically shook her and now he’s bored. P*ck!’ someone else wrote.

Another wrote: ‘Jonathon. Emotional intelligence of a salad.’

“I think he needs some work, as a whole, as a person,” Zoe Clifton told her partner Jenna Robinson.

Married at First Sight UK Jenna and Zoe
Zoe and Jenna couldn’t hold back (Image: E4)

‘You lack emotional intelligence,’ pundit Paul C Brunson added to Jonathan, but he quickly defended himself, saying: ‘Do you have to go through life apologizing for the way other people feel that you have an opinion? I’m sorry, but as if you’re allowed an opinion.’

“These are my opinions,” he later added.

Married at First Sight continues tomorrow night at 9pm on E4.

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