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Maddie Poppe & Caleb Lee Hutchinson’s timeline on ‘Idol’ – Hollywood Life

Maddie Baby Caleb Lee Hutchinson

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Maddie Poppe24 and Caleb Lee Hutchinson, 23, had pretty sweet. The couple met during American idol season 16 and quickly fell for each other. Although Caleb lost to Maddie in the season 18 finale, he walked away with something even better: a lasting love.

Since Maddie and Caleb announced their romance, they have not been pale for their love for each other. From the beginning of their relationship American idol for cute milestones, take a look at Maddie and Caleb’s relationship timeline.

Maddie Baby Caleb Lee Hutchinson
Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson during ‘American Idol’ Season 18. (ABC)

Maddie and Caleb meet during Hollywood Week

Maddie and Caleb crossed paths first below American idol season 16. Both Maddie and Caleb competed to be the next American idol champion, where Maddie was ultimately named the winner in May 2018. Maddie revealed that HollywoodLife and other journalists that she and Caleb had hung out since Hollywood Week.

“He was a standout that day and I remember thinking, ‘I need him in my group for the group round.’ We were in a group round together, but they did not air the footage, “Maddie said at the time.” Ever since then, we were first friends. There was a spark, and we have been lovers for about three months now. ” Caleb added: “January 21 was the first day I saw her. Since then, we have not been apart at all.”

Maddie and Caleb were later guests at HollywoodLife podcast and revealed that Maddie went up to Caleb during Hollywood Week to tell him how good he was. She admitted he was “so shy at first.” Caleb added: “She scared me to death. She scared me. It was weird. It was not like I came to American idol trying to find a girlfriend or something. I was sitting or standing, or talking to a bunch of people, and she just walked by randomly and started talking to me. I thought, ‘What is this? What is she trying to sell me? ‘”

Maddie & Caleb make it official at Disneyland

A few months after American idol finale, Maddie revealed that she and Caleb officially started dating after a trip to Disneyland in 2018. “Caleb asked me to be his girlfriend at Disneyland. I mean, yeah, we dated pretty much before then, but you girls know what it’s like to have an official proposal, amirite. At least it was something precious. He is kind of precious, “Maddie wrote with a caption on Instagram.

Maddie & Caleb go public during the ‘Idol’ finale

Maddie and Caleb kept their relationship a secret until the very last moments of season 16. When Caleb and Maddie were revealed as top 2 finalists, Caleb revealed their relationship to the world. Then it was not hard to say that these two only had eyes for each other.

Maddie explained why they waited so long to get clean about their relationship. “We did not want people to think we were not concentrating on the competition,” Maddie told the media. Caleb told later Entertainment tonight, “It was one of those things where I did not want it to affect anything and I did not want to exploit my feelings for her because they were very, very real. But when the vote was over, I thought, “Shoot, I want the world to know.”

Maddie Baby Caleb Lee Hutchinson
Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson during the ‘Idol’ finale. (ABC)

After Maddie was announced as the new one American idol winner, Caleb congratulated Maddie sweetly on Instagram. Since they had been publicized with their romance, Caleb shouted his love for Maddie from the rooftops. “MY GIRLFRIEND WATER AMERICAN IDOL !!! No one deserved it more than you honey. I am honored to know you and even more honored to call you mine. Do not forget me. I love you, ”he wrote on Instagram.

Maddie wrote a heartfelt note on Instagram, saying Caleb was “one of the best gifts” American idol gave her. “This guy caught my heart from the start and showed me what love really means. I’ve never loved or adored another person so much, @caleblemusic you mean so much to me and I’m so blessed to have had you next to me throughout this journey and hopefully many more moons in the future, ”she wrote.

In September 2018, Maddie and Caleb spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about their rationale for keeping their relationship hidden for so long. “My biggest concern was that I did not want people to vote for me, or vote for Maddie, or not vote for one thing or another because of a relationship,” Caleb said. HollywoodLife. “We were there to be singers. Here’s the thing, Maddie won because of her talent. She did not win because she dated me.”

Maddie and Caleb were not the only couple in season 18. Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner also found love during the broadcast. The couple married in 2019 and have a daughter by name Baylah.

Caleb celebrates meeting Maddie

In January 2020, Caleb took to Instagram to write about his love for Maddie. Occasion? Meet Maddie two years before during the filming American idol season 16.

“When I first saw her, I was immediately attracted to her,” Caleb began. “I did not know how much joy, laughter, good times and love we would share together, or the painful times we were apart. Never in my life did I think I would be with someone who got me to feel like myself when it’s often such an abstract concept to me.It’s not just sunshine and rainbows all the time, this relationship comes with its own unique types of challenges and struggles, but with her even the bad times there have been many periods in my life where I questioned what it all meant and what it was all worth.This woman is a constant reminder to me from God that no matter what darkness you may be dealing with , there are always better days ahead and you simply have to trust God and keep the faith in these times. I could go on forever, but honestly I hate even posting personal things out there on the internet. I mainly wanted to share with you to keep going, even when it’s hard Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and you may be as fortunate as I was. And of course to remind this girl what she means to me. There is no one else I would rather constantly be asked about by strangers. Thank you for making my world so much brighter in these two years Maddie, I look forward to many many more with you. “

Maddie & Caleb return to ‘Idol’ in 2022

American idol celebrates its 20th anniversary with season 20. The show brings together some of the most beloved Idol participants from previous seasons during a reunion episode on May 2nd. Maddie and Caleb return to Idol stage for a night of epic performances.

Prior to the reunion show, Maddie shared a behind-the-scenes photo with Caleb, Jordin Sparks, Justin Guarini, and more. Maddie, now rocking dark brown hair, went for a retro look with a green floral dress and white boots. Caleb stood right next to Maddie and had her arm sweetly around her shoulder.

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