Machine Gun Kelly overturns Kelly Clarkson’s birthday party in slippers – Billboard

Machine Gun Kelly woke up 15 minutes before stepping on the set at Kelly Clarkson Show this week – and he forgot his shoes.

Host Kelly Clarkson did not mind. MGK might have gone out on stage in slippers, but he had birthday wishes, a queso fountain, margaritas and a mariachi band with him in honor of the singer’s birthday. Clarkson turns 40 on Sunday (April 24).

“I woke up 15 minutes ago. I forgot my shoes,” Machine Gun Kelly explained.


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Watch latest videos, charts and news

“So you woke up on your birthday to … Oh, that’s kind,” Clarkson said.

“No, no, no, it’s fat,” he insisted. “That is cool.”

“Is that so? I do not know,” Clarkson joked, and then the celebration began.

The couple shared a bond of having a birthday the same week and enjoyed a drink and a bite to eat while the all-female Mariachi Bonitas performed.

Watch the moment below, and if you missed it, check out Clarkson’s latest Kellyoke performance (by Stevie Nicks’ classic “Edge of Seventeen”) here.

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