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“M Glory” factory for the production of electric cars in Dubai begins production

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“M Glory” Holding Group revealed that the temporary factory for the production of electric cars in Dubai Industrial City, in an area of ​​30,000 feet, will start its work this month with a production capacity of 10,000 cars per year, as the “Damani DMV300” cars for sale will be manufactured in the domestic market and the regional market now.

Dr. Magda Al-Azazi, Chairman of the Board of “M Glory” Holding Group, said: “The temporary plant includes the latest advanced units in semi-automated production and assembly, keeping pace with the fourth industrial revolution. Will also help to meet the demand for Emirati-manufactured (Al-Damani) cars with high European specifications, in view of the many reservations it received from citizens and residents of the country, for their desire to use quality cars that are environmentally friendly. “

Dr. added. Al-Azazi: “As for the main M-Glory plant in Dubai Industrial City, production will start in 2024 and it will be the first of its kind in the UAE to manufacture electric cars for the holding company and also for international companies, with a investment cost of 1.5 billion dirhams, and a production capacity of up to 70,000 cars annually, to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly electric cars, which are considered among the green means of transportation that “Al-Damani” cars will be marketed in the Gulf Cooperation Council- countries, in addition to Jordan, Egypt, Tanzania, Senegal, Mali and Kenya.

Dr. stated. Al-Azazi said Al-Damani’s car will be on display in a special booth at the main entrance to Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, during the first three days of Eid Al-Fitr, to show it to the public, and learn about its specifications and features.

The payout rate is reduced to 30% during the campaign days and a guarantee of 200,000 km or 8 years is given, whichever comes first.

I appreciated Dr. Al-Azazi will support and encourage the wise management of the UAE for the industrial sector in general and the electric and environmentally friendly car sector in particular, as it will help promote the growth wheel of this sector by supporting national industrial institutions and companies, developing their businesses and capacities and opening new markets. for their industries and products to expand globally. .


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