“Lulu” and “Al Ansari Exchange” lead the Gulf in the digital transformation of exchange

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Two Emirati stock exchanges, “Lulu Exchange” and “Al Ansari Exchange”, topped the list of the top 5 exchange companies in digital transformation at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries, published by the American magazine “Forbes”. “.

The magazine stated in the report attached to the list that this UAE leadership is a recognition of the strength of the cross-border payment sector in the UAE, which characterizes the official rules that govern the work of this sector and the extent of enthusiasm for the exchange companies , operating in the country.

The Forbes report added that the UAE’s leadership in the list reflects the fact that the UAE exchange companies are confidently moving forward on the path to digitize their services in line with the efforts made by the state in adopting digitization and spreading the one in everyone. areas of life in general.

The report stated that both “Lulu Exchange” and “Al Ansari Exchange” serve millions of customers in the UAE and abroad and are investing heavily in establishing an ultra-modern digital infrastructure.

The report stated that “Lulu Exchange” had developed its own application for making money transfers through smartphones, which is the “Lulu Money” application, while “Al Ansari Exchange” developed a similar application bearing the same name of the company. The report added that each of the two applications contributed strongly to the implementation of the UAE’s vision for a streamlined and reliable ecosystem for sending digital money transfers.

It is worth noting that the other three Gulf Exchange companies on the list are respectively: “Al Mulla Exchange” from Kuwait, “Al Fardan Exchange” from Qatar and “Pershutum Kanji” from the Sultanate of Oman.


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