Long live the Queen of the Castle

The penultimate section of Star Trek: PicardSecond season delivers action, suspense and drama as the Queen of Borg (Annie Wersching) make moves to take control The mermaid with his army of newly assimilated soldiers and take over the galaxy centuries before Borg first spoke of vain resistance. In the midst of all this chaos, Picard (Patrick Stewart) continues to process the trauma he experienced as a child, opening new doors to the corridors of his backstory that have not been explored before.

On board The mermaidRios (Santiago Cabrera), Teresa (Sol Rodriguez), and Ricardo (Steve Gutierrez) is forced to hurry as the queen and her comrades beam on board, ready to fight. They are rapidly reuniting with Picard, Tallinn (Orla Brady), Raffi (Michelle Hurd), and seven (Jerri Ryan) outside the castle and make their plan of attack. Unfortunately, they are no match for the assimilated soldiers – or Dr. Soong (Brent Spiner), who leads them – and they are pushed into the castle as the threat approaches. Rios ends up being shot, and luckily it was much less serious than it could have been. He has spent the entire season being beaten up and injured, so he is really lucky that he previously met a doctor.


Inside the castle, Picard asks Tallinn to send Rios, Teresa and Ricardo out of the fight, and despite being wounded, Rios promises to come back and help them fight Borg. Picard then instructs Tallinn to disable the device so Rios cannot return. It’s clear that Picard assumes they’re getting involved in one last match, and he hopes that at least anyone will survive the firefight. It also plays into Rios’ previous comments about seeing Picard as a father figure. Whatever doubts he may have as to whether this feeling was reciprocated were confirmed by this action. Picard recognizes that Rios is the heroic type and he knows he needs to intervene to prevent him from getting hurt worse.

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Teresa is truly one of the best new characters to be introduced to Picard. She is not entirely deterred by the situation she has been put into, she adapts to the alien technology she is asked to deal with, and she seems excited to deviate from the daily life she had lived before Rios’ arrival. In many ways, she embraces the fun tropics that make romances outside of time so fun. She’s all of us if we were dropped in the middle of one Star Trek episode. Maybe it’s because I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, but I loved the fact that she was trying to convince Rios to stay with her in 2024. She came up with some valid points – there are plenty of heroes out there, so why should he be it one? While Rios ultimately decides to go back and join the fight, his decision is not without hesitation. He certainly considered her suggestion, and this plotline does not feel as if it has gone its course yet.

The castle queen’s plans hit a small chin when Agnes (Alison Pille) manages to take back some control and launch a hologram of Elnor (Evan Evagora) to stay away from the Borg queen and her like. Picard have found really ingenious ways to keep beloved characters from the first season – Elnor and Daj (Isabel Briones) —Involved in the second season, though the roles of their characters have diminished. It also provides a rich opportunity for Raffi to confront his grief and get some answers to what Elnor was thinking before he died.

Raffi and Seven go up against the Borg queen, and Seven incurs a rather serious injury that threatens to make her the second person to bleed out in front of Raffi this season. In a final attempt to save Seven, Agnes fights for control of her mind, forcing the Borg queen to reconsider how Borg works. After decades of Borg having created chaos across three series, I think it’s the first time someone says, “Hey, what if you’re actually trying to be good.” With Seven as an example of a perfect Castle – a person who uses both his humanity and his connection to the collective to help the galaxy – the Queen is actually considering Agnes’ proposal. In trade for The mermaidthe Borg queen agrees to save Seven by reassimilating her.

Dr. Soong pursues Picard and Tallinn further into the castle, forcing Picard to relive the last time he was in a particular room. After weeks (and frankly two seasons) of teasing Picard’s memories of her mother, we finally learned what happened to her. While trapped in one of her mental health episodes, Picard’s mother hung herself and he testified that she was hanging from the rafters. As a child, he had locked that memory away as a trauma response, and now he has clarity on this point of pain. What is so fascinating about him exploring these memories while he is in the past is that he is basically struggling to save a future where this terrible thing is happening to him.

Picard, Tallinn, Seven, Raffi and Rios gather outside the castle and watch as the Queen of Borg leaves The mermaid. While there is still a lot of storytelling to explore, “Hide and Seek” ended with more closure than expected, setting the stage for next week’s finale to be filled with surprises. With The mermaid in the hands of the Borg queen, the crew is left stranded in 2024 with no chance of getting back to their own timeline, Q is still out there mingling with the past, and Dr. Soong did not seem finished with his power play. It was announced that for the third and final season of Picardmore contributors from Star Trek: The Next Generation would join Stewart – signaling that the consequences of this season should justify a reunion. Will next week lay the groundwork? We just have to wait and see.

Now Rios can at least return and see Teresa again as they are not going back to the future right now.

Evaluation: ONE

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 is now streamed on Paramount +.


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