London Met Office weather: Extreme heat continues across the region

The past few weeks have seen heat, sweat and dryness across London, with the Met Office issuing another extreme heat warning for the region as warm temperatures continue.

And as much as we’d all like a break from the continued heat that Britain isn’t built for, it seems that’s not the news.

As hot weather is expected to continue for some time, with London already seeing temperatures reach 33C.

If you were wondering what to expect from this weekend’s weather forecast, then you’re in luck as we’ve got it all for you.

So no need to panic about what to wear and whether you have enough sunscreen to survive the heat, as you can prepare by looking at the weekend weather overview.

London weekend weather forecast:

Saturday 13 August:

On Saturday, the sun will shine down on London with cloudless skies all day and warm temperatures throughout.

Sees the lowest temperature at 20C at 6.00am but rising rapidly to over 30C with the highest temperature expected at 16.00 at 32C.

And if you were hoping for a bit of a breeze to ease the heat, you might be in luck, with gusts of 13 mph expected, even if they are low, it will at least help move the air.

And if you suffer from hay fever, you might want to start preparing as pollen levels will be high on Saturday.

Sunday, August 14:

If you have plans for Sunday, you might be in luck, because while an amber weather warning will still be in place, it will be slightly cooler.

With cloudy skies expected after 1pm so you won’t have the scorching sun beating down on you, but we’d still recommend wearing sunscreen to stay protected.

In terms of temperatures, it will still be hot and humid, with a low of 25C and a high set to reach 31C by 4pm.

If you were hoping for rain, prepare to be disappointed as there will be no rain on Sunday, but some is expected on Monday.

It’s also going to be another tough day for hay fever, with high levels across the region, so get ready to take on the pollen.

See the full weather forecast via the Met Office.

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