London Marathon 2023: How to enter the ballot and how much it costs

But for those curious about how to take part in the London Marathon, there’s a bit more to the process than simply throwing on a numbered sash and joining the crowd of runners.

London Marathon the organizers annually open a ballot for those interested in participating to submit their application and, like a lottery, await whether they are one of the lucky winners, one step closer to the starting line.

But for those who miss the ballot the first time, fear not – there’s always a second chance or other opportunities to compete in London Marathon 2023.

Londonworld is here to guide you through the voting process and give you some additional options to compete in the next London Marathon.

What is the London Marathon poll?

Put on your comfortable running shoes and prepare for the TCS London Marathon 2022

To ensure London is not overwhelmed by budding athletes, the London Marathon organizers put a cap on the number of people taking part in the public race.

To do this, and in the spirit of fairness, the organizers hold an annual poll, which usually takes place on the first of the month in which the London Marathon takes place – October in this case.

From that vote, about 17,000 people are selected with the remaining amount into a second round of voting with 2,000 additional seats allocated.

Are there any requirements before entering the London Marathon poll?

Unlike the professional event that requires a great deal of athletic performance to be demonstrated, London Marathon public event has no entry requirements.

However, there is an entry fee if you are successful with your ballot; for UK residents it costs £49.99, while for international participants the cost is £99 with an additional £26 carbon offset charge.

What happens if I am not selected from the London Marathon ballot?

If you’re feeling particularly charitable and want to donate your entry fee, if you don’t succeed the first time donating, you’ll automatically be entered into the second ballot – with another 2,000 places available.

If you are not selected in the second round of voting, the London Marathon organizers will give you:

  • a premium winter running top (RRP £70)
  • a chance to win one of three pairs of entries to one of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, including accommodation and flights
  • serious kudos as your donation will help London Marathon Charitable Trust to make a difference and inspire activity across the UK

When does voting open for the London Marathon 2023?

Voting for the London Marathon 2023 opens on Saturday 1 October and remains open until Friday 7 October.

The results will be published at the end of October 2022.

To participate in the ballot, visit London Marathon ballot page on the event’s website, but remember that you can only enter the ballot once.

Are there other ways I can take part in the London Marathon 2023?

If the attempt to gain a place through the official ballot is unsuccessful, the London Marathon allocates a certain number of entries to charities across the country.

ONE full list of charities with places in the London Marathon 2023 are available via the event’s website, so if you find a cause you’re passionate about, contact them directly and express your interest in representing them in next year’s event.

The London Marathon Trust has too tips on how to raise money if you are successful in representing your chosen charity.

When is the London Marathon 2022 taking place?

That TCS London Marathon 2022 will take place on Sunday 2 October with starting waves from 8.50 (elite wheelchair race for men and women), at 9:00 (elite women’s race) and 9:40 (elite men’s race and mass start).

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