LoDo security operation seizes 19 illegal weapons in 3 weeks

DENVER (KDVR) – In the last three weekends alone, the Denver Police Department has found over 19 illegal weapons in the LoDo area.

DPD shared these new figures with FOX31 Problem Solvers in their efforts to curb crime across the metro.

The boss said his department continues to focus its efforts on fighting crime, especially in the five hotspots we’ve told you about as summer approaches.

These hotspots are experiencing significant reductions in the number of footage

  • 47th and Peoria
  • Colfax and Yosemite
  • Alameda and Federal
  • MLK and Holly

But LoDo, the fifth hotspot, has seen a 7% increase in gun crime. That was where the boss explained that they are putting more resources into.

“One area that we learned part of last year’s violence was an improved LoDo security plan,” said Chief Pazen.

They implemented this at the end of last year, and according to him, they saw some success with this improved response.

“And so we’ve started it here in Lower Downtown this year,” Pazen said.

They launched this security plan on opening day and they say it will last until early November.

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